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Icon Pallet Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I install icons on the pallet?
A: There are several ways to do this. You can drag icons from the desktop to the pallet. Or you can Control-Click (or right-click) on an empty square to see a pop-up menu of options. The pop-up menu lets you select a file, application or folder. It also has many common OS X files and folders to choose from.

Q: I clicked on an empty square and selected one of the files, but it says it cannot be found
A: The standard OS X files under the pop-up menu assumes that those files are in their normal location. If you have moved them, they cannot be found. You either need to move them back where they belong or just select Other Applicaiton, Other File or Other Folder, then browse to find it.
You can also just drag files to the Pallet. If you have moved one the standard files and it cannot be found, use this list to see where they belong.

Q: How do I drag Applications to Icon Pallet?
A: First open your Applications folder. Do that by double clicking on your hard drive. In the left side of that window you will see Applications. Click on Applications to see all of your apps. You can then drag any app to the Icon Pallet window.

Q: When I drag a file to to Icon Pallet, does it move or copy the file?
A: No.
An icon in the pallet is just an alias. Clicking on the icon launches the actual file pointed to by the alias.

Q: When I click on an icon, it says it cannot be found.
A: Icon Pallet remembers where the original file was when it was placed in the Pallet. If you move the original file, it will not be found when you click on it in the pallet. If that happens, you will need to delete the icon button from the pallet and drag the file back to the pallet.

Q: How can I tell where the original file is (or was)?
A: Hover your mouse over the icon while holding down the command key.
You can also control-click (or right-click) on an icon and select "Show Original".

Q: Can I rearrange the icons in the pallet?
A: Yes, simply drag an icon to a different square.

Q: Can I rename an icon?
A: Yes and no.
Yes, you can rename folder icons by control-clicking (or right-clicking) on a folder in the pallet. Then select "Name the Folder". You are limited to 5 characters. This will overlay the name at the bottom of the folder icon. You can also change the color of the folder.
Note that the actual name of the folder you see when hovering your mouse over it does not change.

No, you cannot change application or document names from within Icon Pallet. You need to name the file or folder before dragging it to the pallet.
It is not a good idea to rename an application in the FInder since it might prevent it from running.

Q: Can I change the size of the Icon Pallet window?
A: Yes.
Just drag the lower right corner of the window to re-size it. There are a total of 600 buttons that you can use, depending on how large you make the window. You can make the pallet vertical or horzontal but you will need to rearrange your icons after doing so.

Q: How do I delete an icon from the pallet?
A: Control-Click (or right-click) on the icon and select "Delete Button". You can also drag a button to the trash.

Q: I dragged an icon from the OS X Dock to Icon Pallet and it vanished in a puff of smoke.
A: You cannot drag icons from the OS X Dock to Icon Pallet. If you do that, it just removes the icon from the OS X Dock (that is a function of OS X and has nothing to do with how Icon Pallet works.)
If you did that by mistake, you can find the original file and drag it back where it was.

Q: I dragged an item from the under the Places heading in a Finder Window to Icon Pallet and it disappeared in a puff of smoke.
A: when you have a Finder window open and have items under the Places heading, You cannot drag those to Icon Pallet. If you drag from there, you are removing the item from Places.
If you remove an app from there by mistake, just find the original file and drag it back there.

Q: I changed my hard drive name and now Icon Pallet cannot find any files.
A: No problem. Just select "Change Drive Name" from the Special Menu in Icon Pallet and type in the new name of your drive. Note that this does not change your actual hard drive name. It just lets Icon Pallet know the new name of your drive.

Q: I tried to make the pallet width narrower than three squares but it will not let me.
A: No problem. Look under the Window Menu for window selections that are one or two squares wide.

Q: I dragged an icon to the pallet and it is invisible.
A: This was an incompatibility with applications that use only 512 pixel icons such as the Angry Birds game. This was fixed with Icon Pallet version 2.0.1

Q: Where does Icon Pallet store my icons and preferences?
A: They are in the Icon Pallet Prefs folder (UserName / Library / Preferences / Icon Pallet Prefs

Q: I am using an old program called Yellow Button from Carnation Software. Will Icon Pallet use the same icons I had set up in Yellow Button?
A: Yes, Yellow Button was renamed to Icon Pallet back in 2005. Icon Pallet stores it's icons in a different location but will copy them from the old Yellow Button location to the new location the first time you run it.

Q: Is there a special price for upgrading from Icon Pallet version 1?
A: No, Icon Pallet was originally $19.95 when sold from the Carnation Software web site. The current price of $4.99 in the Mac App Store seems reasonable considering the fact that it took over a month to re-write it for the Mac App Store. (It is now Intel Native and launches apps faster than the old PPC version 1.

Q: I don't see my question here.
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