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Default locations for OS X Folders and Apps


Many standard folders and apps can easily be added to Icon Pallet by control-clicking (or right-clicking) on an empty square. Following is a list of the standard locations for these folders and apps. They should not be moved because Icon Pallet will not be able to find them.
If you have moved them to a new location, use the following list to put them back where they belong.

(Where Macintosh HD is the name of your hard drive
and Home is the name of your home folder)

Applications Macintosh HD:Applications
Home Macintosh HD:Users:YourUserName
Favorites Home:Library:Favorites
Documents Home:Documents
Movies Home:Movies
Music Home:Music
Pictures Home:Pictures
Shared Home:Shared
Sites Home:Sites
Utilities Macintosh HD:Applications:Utilities
Activity Monitor Macintosh HD:Applications:Utilities:Activity
Address Book Macintosh HD:Applications:Address
Automator Macintosh
Calculator Macintosh
Dashboard Macintosh
Disk Utility Macintosh HD:Applications:Utilities:Disk
DVD Player Macintosh HD:Applications:DVD
Font Book Macintosh HD:Applications:Font
Grab Macintosh
iCal Calendar Macintosh
iChat Macintosh
iDVD Macintosh
iMovie Macintosh
iMovie HD Macintosh HD:Applications:iMovie
iPhoto Macintosh
iSync Macintosh
iTunes Macintosh
Mail Macintosh
Network Utility Macintosh HD:Applications:Utilities:Network
Preview Macintosh
QuickTime Player Macintosh HD:Applications:QuickTime
Safari Macintosh
Stickies Macintosh
System Preferences Macintosh HD:Applications:System
System Profiler Macintosh HD:Applications:Utilities:System
Terminal Macintosh
TextEdit Macintosh




















Visit the MacFixit site for general Mac troubleshooting.