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Say it & Mail it

Version 1.4 with MMS and Group Emails

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For iPhone and iPod Touch

September 25th, 2009

MMS was activated today by AT&T on the iPhone. A few quick tests showed that Say it & Mail it version 1.3 needed an upgrade to be compatible with audio and pictures for MMS.

Say it & Mail it version 1.4 was submitted to the iTunes Store today. It should be released in a couple of weeks and will be a free upgrade. You will be able to send a voice memo, picture and map location to an iPhone as an instant message. Pretty cool! Even the Google Map link works to launch the Maps app to get directions.
To send an instant message, address your email to
(where xxxxxxxxxx is the phone number of the iPhone you are sending the email to)

More info about MMS

Also in version 1.4 is the option to email to groups.
You can email to a group of people or favorite person.
'Say it & Mail it' will use the groups you already have set up in your contacts.

Record your voice message, tap the Group icon then select a group and tap 'Mail it'.
You create your groups on your PC or Mac using your Address book. Then sync your iPhone and the groups magically appear in Say it & Mail it.

To make a favorite person show up in the list, you simply make a group with one person in it.
To make a favorite person show up in the list as an MMS contact, just enter their phone number followed by in the email address field of the contact.

More Info about Groups and Favorites

You can always see the latest version info and upcoming versions here:



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