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For Intel Macs
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Icon Pallet

Program and Document Launcher for OS X
Version 2.5
Last Updated 6/27/16

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NOTE: Icon Pallet is a 32-bit app.
It will not work with Catalina or later versions of Mac OS

Customer Comments from Around the World

• Be in control of your desktop with Icon Pallet...

• The perfect complement to your OS X Dock, Icon Pallet keeps your icons in the same location, and at the same size, no matter how many you add (up to 600).

• Icon Pallet stores the link to your folders, programs and documents, for launch and access with a single click.

• Organize your programs, files and folders on an expandable pallet instead of cluttering your desktop with icons or squeezing them onto a crowded, limited dock.

• You can add names and colors to your folder icons, making
it easier to recognize them on your Icon Pallet without having to roll the mouse over the folder icon to see the full name.

You want easy? Just one click on an icon will...

• Launch a program
• Open a document
• Open a folder

• View and select items within a folder or drive

You can...
• Drag an icon of any file, folder or program to a blank square to install the link on Icon Pallet.

• Drag a document to one of the application icons on Icon Pallet to open the dragged document within that application.

•Control-click (or right-click) on a blank square to select from a list of common Mac apps.

• Hold the control key down while clicking on an icon on Icon Pallet (or right-click if you have a two-button mouse) to open a document within a folder, or to see menu options for each icon.

• Hover the mouse over an icon on Icon Pallet to see the file name. Hold the command key down while hovering to see the full path name showing where the original file, folder or program is located.

• Breathe easier with Icon Pallet holding all your favorite Macintosh goodies right where you want them, ready to go.
With Icon Pallet, you're in control.

By Rich Love
Carnation Software

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