MacWise - Macintosh Terminal Emulation - telnet / serial for OS X - Wyse, Viewpoint, VT100, VT220 Program and Document Launcher for Mac OS X

Version History



Fix - A rare occurence where you would get an error
"LoadWindowGW: CreateGWorld failed" when trying to launch the app.



Fix - Unexpectedly quit intermittently with El Capitan




Fix a rare occurence where settings could be reset to defaults.

Tested with El Capitan.



Now support new app names that were changed by Apple.
iChat is now Messages
iCal is now Calendar
Address Book is now Contacts
iSync Removed
System Profiler Removed

Fix - does not crash when the Mac goes to sleep or headphones are plugged in or unplugged.



Fix - When you launched the app and selected "Show Original", it would say that the file or folder was not found. It would work after that. Just fail the first time after launch.

Fix - Dragging an icon from one square to another could intermittently leave a copy of the old icon in it's original location and create a blank folder in the new location.
(Now compatible with upcoming OS X Lion).




Fix - "Name the Folder" was applying strange colors to the folder icon when you did it more than once.

At the request (or should I say demand?) of Apple, the Icon Pallet Preferences have been moved to the Application Support folder...
~User/Library/Application Support/Icon Pallet

Previous versions used the Preferences folder. For backwards compatibility, the old preferences will be read and moved to the new location, starting with this version.


Version 2.0.4

Prevent hangs when sound system is not detected (example: external speakers were in use but stop working or are disconnected).


Version 2.03

Faster launching apps. Speed improvement most noticeable on MacBooks under battery power.


Version 2.0.2

1. Command F now shows info for finding icons

2. New Icon Pallet app icon.

3. Fix - If you closed the lid on a MacBook to put it to sleep, then opened the lid and immediately clicked on any icon it might say that the app was not found. Then you would need to quit out of Icon Pallet and run again to clear the error.
Note: This could also be a problem on desktop Macs awaking from sleep but not as likely.


Version 2.0.1

You can type the first letter of a file name to jump to that icon in the pallet. Hitting tab will take you to the next item.

When you hover the mouse over an icon, it will no longer show the file extension (.app). If you want to see the whole file name path including the extension, hold down the command key.

Fix - Angry Birds icon was invisible

Fix - LoadWindowGW error message



Now available exclusively in the Mac App Store

This version is Intel native only. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.



Fix - This fixes the Missing toolbox error you might get with OS X 10.4.10 on new Intel Macs. “The following toolbox items are not available on this computer”. This was caused by an OS X bug that has the wrong file type on the StdCLib file.

Fix - Uses 20 times less CPU time when it is not the active application.
(when you click away from the Icon Pallet window).




Fix - Was getting AppleScript System Error and quit on some Intel OS X systems.




Fix - (Getting ready for Intel Processors and Rosetta). Icon Pallet would crash when you clicked on an icon if the sound card was incompatible with OS X.



Feature - Added QuickTime Player to the list of items you can install by selecting from the contextual menu on an empty square.


Fix - Removed the option to click on an empty square. You must now click-and-hold on an empty square to add an icon. (the previous single-click option was confusing new users). Note that right-clicking still works and you can also drag a file or folder to the pallet.

Fix - Dragging a document to an application icon on the pallet could possibly hang Icon Pallet if the application was not responding. Now Icon Pallet will timeout after 20 seconds if the other application never responds.


Initial Release of Icon Pallet