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Wyse 60 Programmable Keys
Using MacWise Terminal Emulation for Mac OS X

(Information for host programmers)

MacWise allows a host computer to control the functionality of special keys on the keyboard. The keys can be re-programmed by the host to use customized codes (control and escape sequences). This is normally done by the host during login. The information provided below, is for programmers (It could possibly melt your brain if you are a user :-)

Keys that can be re-programmed are:
Arrow Keys, Function Keys, top row of keypad, page up/down, Delete, Esc, Home and End.
The top row of the keypad can be programmed to function the same way as a Wyse terminal.

The host programming information provided below is the standard for Wyse 60 terminals. Therefore, if you program your host using this information, it will work on a real Wyse terminal as well as MacWise. The codes also work for Wyse 370 emulation.

All ASCII values are Decimal.
All examples are host basic programs.

Programming The Arrow Keys

001 * Re-programs the Wyse 60 arrow keys to send the character that
002 * represents each key. Change line 9 thru 13 values to your own desired values.
003 * U is Up Arrow for our test
004 * D is Down arrow for our test
005 * R is Right Arrow for our test
006 * L is left arrow for our test
007 * B is the backspace key (Delete key) for our test
009 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0+U":CHAR(13):CHAR(127):
010 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0,D":CHAR(13):CHAR(127):
011 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0.R":CHAR(13):CHAR(127):
012 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0-L":CHAR(13):CHAR(127):
013 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0":CHAR(34):"B":CHAR(13):CHAR(127):
EOI 013


Top Row of the Extended Keypad
(Must have the option in MacWise preferences set to "Use keypad for Wyse 60 edit keys")


001 *this re-programs the top row of keypad keys to send 1 2 3 4
002 *wyse 60 only
003 * This is the top row (Clear = / *) on Mac keyboard
004 * It is Insert Char, Delete Char, Clear Line and Replace on a Wyse keyboard
005 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0q1":CHAR(127):
006 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z052":CHAR(127):
007 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0}3":CHAR(127):
008 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z074":CHAR(127):


001 *this re-programs the top row of keypad keys to send 5678 when the Shift key is down.
002 *wyse 60 only
003 * This is the top row (Clear = / *) on Mac keyboard
004 * It is Insert Line, Delete Line, Clear Line and Insert on a Wyse keyboard
005 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0qp":CHAR(127):
006 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z056":CHAR(127):
007 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0}z":CHAR(127):
008 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z078":CHAR(127):

Page Up and Page Down Keys

001 *this re-programs the page up key to send U as a test
002 *and re-programs the page down key to send D as a test
003 *Wyse 60 only
004 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0rD":CHAR(127):
005 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0wU":CHAR(127):
EOI 005

Home, End, Shift End and Escape

001 * This re-programs the home key to send H to the host
002 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0*H":CHAR(127):

001 * This re-programs the End key to send E to the host
002 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0^E":CHAR(127):

001 * This re-programs the Shift-End key to send SE to the host
002 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0]SE":CHAR(127):

001 * This re-programs the esc key to send ESC to the host
002 PRINT CHAR(27):"Z0"CHAR(32):"ESC":CHAR(127):

Function Keys

Function keys are also programmable under host control. See your Wyse programmers manual for the programing information. MacWise also allows you to edit function keys within the MacWise program. Just double-click on a fkey at the bottom of the MacWise window to edit a fkey. Function keys are programmable for Wyse 50, Wyse 60 and Wyse 370 emulation.

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