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MacWise - Macintosh Terminal Emulation - telnet / serial for OS X - Wyse, Viewpoint, VT100, VT220

MacWise Version 10 History




Fix - Leopard - No characters echo to the screen from the keyboard when you log into the Mac unix shell using /bin/bash or using the login prompt. This could possibly occur in telnet sessions also. Symptom did not usually occur in tc shell sessions.



Fix - ESC ~ routines for special host controlled commands were not working in VT100 mode.



Fix- Changed the default in Telnet Connection... to Use the TC Shell to Login. When this option is enabled, it can prevent connection closed by Foreign Host during login or the host not recognizing your terminal type.

Fix - When you changed colors and clicked OK, you would get a thin vertical line next to the scroll bar that was the color of the previous screen.

Fix - If you selected Video Attribute Colors from the Emulate Menu and clicked OK, the MacWise window would disappear and become 100% transparent. But if you selected Colors from the Window Menu, there was no problem. Both OK now.



Fix - Page Setup was not being remembered when you quit.

Fix - If you canceled out of Open Document... you would get an error.

Fix - Check for MacWiseResources.nib file. If it is not in the same folder as MacWise then warn and quit. Otherwise, you just end up with all the menu items missing.
(MacWiseResources.nib needs to be in the MacWise folder with the MacWise application)

Fix - Auto Nopage for Host-To-Mac Transfers was not being saved upon quit.
Also, the default is now off instead of on.



Feature - Removed the 256 character-per-line limit for Mac-To-Host data transfers when 'Display Text During Transfer' is on.
Also, added an option to send CR/LF after each line is sent to the host.



Feature - Added Enter Key = Return Key in Preferences. This overrides the standard Enter Key when Alternate Keypad is enabled for VT100 and VT220 terminals.

Fix - Could not send Control P to the host from the keyboard.

Fix - When you quit MacWise with multiple windows open, it was only saving settings for the first window opened and was not closing the connection to the host for the other windows.

Fix - If you had multiple windows open and Opened Settings for a window other than the last window opened, you would eventually crash because the window menu was not being updated correctly with the title of the current window. It was always changing the title of the last window instead of the current one.



Fix - When you dragged the scroll bar thumb up and down, it was not refreshing the window live. Therefore, the scroll data on the screen was the wrong position for the thumb until you let go and the screen refreshed.

Fix - When you double clicked on a settings file, the new window was right on top of the old one. It is now offset so you can tell that it is a new window.

Fix - Saved window position could become corrupted in the defaults file and cause the window to open off screen when MacWise was run.




Fix - If the window size was saved as a size smaller than 20 pixels, the window will now open in a standard window size when MacWise is run again.




Fix - SCO ANSI emulation used with VT100 / VT220.
Garbage characters on screen, graphic drawing lines not working, colors wrong.
Note: In addition to this fix, it is important to have your settings match the host settings. Every host is different, but the following settings might work for you if you are using SCO ANSI emulation:
term type, ansi
IBM Set 2
Wyse Multinational
Uncheck Strip 8th bit

Feature - When you select an emulation that uses hidden attributes, an information window will appear to let you know the status of the attributes (hidden or non-hidden).
Also, this version changes the default hidden attributes for Wyse 60 to hidden.




Feature - When Caps Lock is enabled under the Emulate Menu, Using the Caps Lock key will change the type to lower case. This is handy when your host software requires upper case but your login requires lower case (or vice-versa).




Feature - Added Option “Do not wait for echo characters from host"
in the Mac-To-Host Transfer Options window.

Fix - Opening a new window from a settings file was not opening at the correct size stored in the settings file. It was using the current window size.

Fix - If the connection is not open when doing a host to mac or mac to host transfer, it will now open automatically before starting the file transfer.

Feature - Added option to Cancel when closing the last window.




Fix - Graphic drawing lines for Wyse 60. Some hosts displayed characters when drawing boxes instead of lines.




Fix - Page Setup window was causing problems in Leopard. After using Page Setup, the MacWise window would flash when you clicked on the title bar or when you clicked on the function key buttons and the buttons were slow to respond to clicks.

Fix - Yellow and Green buttons for minimizing and maximizing the window were dimmed.




Fix - Scroll bar thumb was not moving to the bottom automatically, as it should.
Problem was introduced in version 10.9.20




Fix - Could not Add to Phone List or Edit Phone Number.
Problem was introduced in version 10.9.20




Fix - Editing Fkeys or Connection Scripts would allow you to hit the carriage return key to create a new line in the edit field. Carriage return should not create a new line in edit fields.



Feature - This is the first version of MacWise to use Nib Menus and dialog boxes, making it easier to localize the interface for foreign languages.

Feature - Function Key Edit Window now supports copy and paste in the Fkey Command and Title fields.

Feature - Connection Scripts Window now supports copy and paste in the Script field.

Feature - Many dialog windows are now movable modal instead of modal.



Fix - This fixes the Missing toolbox error you might get with OS X 10.4.10 on new Intel Macs. “The following toolbox items are not available on this computer”. This was caused by an OS X bug that has the wrong file type on the StdCLib file.



Fix - Leopard Compatibility. Could not open a telnet connection with Leopard on an Intel Mac.

Fix - If you entered a terminal definition that was longer than 11 characters, you would get a string length error. (telnet and secure shell connection settings).



Fix - Could possibly get a window width or height less than zero in Preferences.Then when you re-opened MacWise, it would crash with an array bounds error. Now if preferences get corrupted and values become negative, the window will revert to standard size.

Fix - If you tried to open an 11th window it would warn you that the max is 10, but would not let you open any more windows even if you closed some of them.



Fix / Feature - The host can now instruct MacWise to turn scrolling off or on in Wyse and Viewpoint modes.



Fix - Opening and Closing multiple windows could cause an array bounds error or pGBuild window error.

Fix - Kermit installation instructions were not included in previous versions.




Fix - If the host tells MacWise to open your browser to a http address longer than 256 characters, it will now work. Previous versions would just send an error message back to the host if the address was too long. MacWise will open your browser to a specified address when it receives "ESC Control B < theHTTPaddress" from the host.

Fix - Added a warning dialog box if you are doing a Kermit file transfer with Accuterm commands and your term type is not recognized by Kermit.
(Kermit will fail on the second data transfer if it does not recognize your term type entered in the telnet connection window or ssh.
MacWise now provides installation instructions for terminfo files needed by Kermit.

Fix - Control ] was only working in Viewpoint mode but not VT100 or Wyse

Fix - Telnet or ssh connection was exiting to the Kermit prompt. Changed so it now clears the screen and closes the connection to the Mac shell when the host closes the connection.

Fix - MacWise will now make sure that the kermit binary is an executable file each time it opens a unix connection with kermit.



Feature - Added Kermit file transfers

Fix - Connection to the host may have not closed properly when closing a window or quitting MacWise. This could have left a connection open on the host and prevented you from logging in again because the host did not close the last connection.




Fix - Control ^ now works with Cisco Routers.




Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
All earlier versions would get an error message,
"tcgetattr failed in SetupPseudoTTYToChild" or MacWise would crash before you saw the message.

Also, new in this version, MacWise now installs it's fonts at the root level Library instead of the user level (Fonts are now in HardDrive:Library:Fonts instead of HardDrive:Users:UserName:Library:Fonts)

Fix - Splash screen was blank when starting up MacWise in Leopard

NOTE: there is an upgrade fee for this version. $59.00 to upgrade from earlier MacWise 10 versions (it's been 2.5 years since we have charged for an upgrade). This version creates a folder in your applications folder called MacWise 10.9. It will not overwrite older versions of MacWise that were in the folder called MacWise 10.7
This will allow you to continue using your older MacWise version 10.7 if you choose not to upgrade to 10.9




Fix - Telnet term type was not recognized by some host computers. Now, when you enter the terminal type in the Telnet Connection... window, it should set up the Mac unix environment properly so the term type can be read by all hosts.

Fix - Re-arranged the MacWise Manual (under the Help Menu) in a more logical order and created large blue headings to make it easier to find things. Note that you can do a command F to find what you are looking for.




Fix - If you select Open Connection to open a telnet or secure shell connection and no Host IP has been entered, a dialog box will now warn you that you need to enter an IP address or host name.

Fix - Opening a connection to the Mac unix shell would open two sessions instead of one.

Fix - Absorb Wintegrate commands to avoid garbage displayed on screen.

Fix - French International characters now work in 8-bit mode when French / Canadian is enabled.




Fix - Slave printing - Print Dialog box was taking too long to appear after a print job ended. Sometimes would never appear until you manually unchecked Printer On from the File Menu. Timeout is now set to 5 seconds after the print job stops.




Fix - VT100 and VT220 emulation - graphics mode was not returning back to text mode when Replacement mode was selected by the host. Symptom was that you could see graphic characters on the screen instead of normal text characters.

Fix - VT100 and VT220 emulation - Allow the host to send cursor positioning to row 255 and column 255. Some hosts use this as a dummy position and then request the actual cursor position from MacWise. Previous versions of MacWise worked when in SCO ANSI mode only. Now works if SCO ANSI is on or off.

Feature - Added MNP5 data compression to the list of available modem init strings.

Fix - If you typed in your own modem init string, it would not be remembered unless you had the "Custom String" button enabled. Instead, it would revert back to the preset button you had enabled. Now, when you enter your own modem init string and click OK, the string will be remembered and the "Custom String" button will be enabled.




Feature/Fix - Window size was not being remembered when you opened a settings file.
Now all saved settings files will save the window size and position.
(Older settings files saved prior to this version will need to be re-saved to take advantage this feature).
You also need to enable an option in Preferences, "Remember Window Positions and Size". By default, this option is disabled to make windows open at standard window sizes.




Feature - Added the option to move forward and backward through open windows using Next Window and Previous Window under the Window Menu.
Can also use keyboard shortcuts, Command ] and Command [

Fix - Re-sizing a window while in the "vi" editor, would cause an exit to the unix prompt.




Fix - Slave printing.




Fix - AppleScript command AppendResultToClipboard was not getting the current contents of the clipboard before appending to the clipboard. This was not a problem if MacWise originally put the text on the clipboard. But if another application modified the clipboard by adding text, previous versions of MacWise would not know that the text had been added. The following script should now work:

tell application "MacWise"
AppendResultToClipboard "MacWise added this text to the clipboard"
end tell




Fix - Slave or Aux printing will now print an entire job without the Print Dialog box popping up after every line of print. (Some host computers issued Printer On / Printer Off commands for every line of print.)
Previous versions of MacWise got around this problem with an option to ignore the Printer Off command from the host and then manually toggle printing off to get the print dialog box to appear. You should no longer need to use that option.




Fix - You could not open more than 5 windows. When you opened the 6th window, you would get an array bounds error and crash.

Fix - The following menu options were not being remembered correctly when you switched between MacWise windows:

Tymnet Mode for Prism
Convert Tabs to Carriage Returns
Caps Lock On
Backspace = Delete




Fix - When you struck a fkey on the keyboard and then tried to type a character, you could not type for about a second. Removed delay.




Feature - Added 230,400 baud to the list of baud rates you can use with a serial device.

Fix - Added support for insert and delete commands sent from the host in VT100 or VT220 emulation mode.

Fix - If you had the window open to a very large width and then clicked on the right edge of the window, you would get an array bounds error.




Fix - Dial From Phone List... was doing nothing if the serial connection was not open. Now it will open the connection if it is not already open and dial.

Change - This version of MacWise is now on the web as a dmg file. Previous versions were stuffed binhexed files (left over from the OS 9 days). The new file is at
This is the file that will be updated each time there is a new version of MacWise.




Fix - VT100 page up/down keys were not working. MacWise was using the same codes as VT220 in VT100 mode.
Now VT100 and VT220 use different page up/down keyboard codes.

Fix - If you do not have a modem installed and you selected Flow Control from the Settings Menu when Serial/Modem was not enabled, you would get a message that you needed to select a serial port. For instance, if you had the telnet mode enabled and selected Flow Control, you would get that message.




Fix / Feature - You can now paste modem initialization strings into the Modem Initialization Strings window (under the Dialer Menu). Previous versions required you to type in the whole string. This makes it much easier to test different strings by pasting from other sources.

This has also been fixed for the Telnet Connection and Secure Shell settings windows. You can now highlight the old IP address and paste IP addresses into those windows




Fix - Control C was not working in VT100 or VT220 emulation modes.




Fix - VT100 / VT220 emulations now support C1 Control Characters converted from 8-bits to 7-bits.

Fix - VT100 / VT220 Left Arrow not working when Reverse Line Wrap was on.

Fix - VT100 - / VT220 Insert Character mode now supported.




Fix - MacWise would not run on OS X 10.2.8 or older. You would get a SetWindowAlpha error and it would quit.
This problem was introduced in MacWise 10.7.87.
MacWise now works with OS X 10.1.2 through the current OS X.

Fix - VT220 cursor requests. The host can now request the cursor position and MacWise will respond correctly.




Fix - Lassoing text from the screen into the clipboard was not accurate in 132 column mode when using 9 point font.

Fix - Colored Fkeys are not supported in MacWise version 10 and have been removed from the options in Function Key Options.

Feature - When you close the last window, MacWise now asks you if you want to quit or just close the window. This is for the benefit of Windoze users who expect the program to quit when you close the last window.




Fix - Paste delay was too long. Pastes are faster now.

Fix - Alert windows were getting corrupted with strange graphics when you closed a window. The alert window asks if it is OK to close the window or save settings. This was caused by some recent version of OS X (worked OK with OS X 10.4.1 and earlier). Works with all versions of OS X now.

Fix / Feature - Added Reverse Line Wrap option to the Emulate Menu.
When this option is enabled under the Emulate Menu, a cursor left command from the host will cause the cursor to jump to the end of the line above when the cursor reaches column 1 of the current line. Only affects VT100 and VT220 emulation.




Fix - Now works with MacPrefect. Previous versions of MacWise could not be added to the list of Allowed Applications in MacPrefect.




Fix - Option-Command left arrow was bringing up the Host-To-Mac Transfer window.
Only Command-Option H should do that.




Fix/Feature - The installer now requires the Mac admin password. This allows you to install MacWise while logged in as a user without admin privileges.

Fix - Another Tiger font fix. It appears that the current version of OS X (10.4.3) has fixed the font problems with MacWise. Prior versions of OS X Tiger would not pass the correct font number to MacWise, forcing MacWise to use a fixed font number that could cause font conflicts. MacWise now uses the font number given to it by OS X if it appears to be correct but will revert back to the fixed number if necessary.




Feature - Using the MacWise AppleScript command "SendHostMessage", If you want to send a message to the host with no carriage return, append {noCR}
Example: SendHostMessage "yada yada{noCR}"

To see all of the AppleScript commands that MacWise supports, read the file, "MacWise and AppleScript" in the "MacWise Sample AppleScripts" folder.




Fix - Double-clicking on any file in the Finder that should load into MacWise was not working (fkey files, settings files, text files, and dialer files). This broke with one of the OS X updates and is now working again.




Fix - Was getting end of line data transfer error message if there was no end of line character after the last line in the Mac-To-Host transfer.




Fix - Could not select text files created by TextEdit for a Mac-to-Host data transfer.
Now those files will work as long as they are .txt files.

Feature - Added option to enter a "Wait for End-of-Line Character" in the Mac-to-Host Transfer Options... window. This allows you to use a Control J for hosts that send a line feed character instead of a carriage return during data transfer.

Feature - Added keyboard shortcuts for Mac-to-Host and Host-to-Mac menu items.

Fix - Was getting AppleScript System Error and quit on some Intel OS X systems.




Fix - Getting ready for OS X on Intel...
Running under Rosetta, when opening a connection to the Mac unix shell, there was no login prompt line until you hit return. Now automatically get login when you open the connection.

Fix - VT100 / VT220 Graphic characters were not shutting off when " ESC [ ...f " commands were used to position the cursor.


Fix - Could get "String Length Error, port assigned to variable limit of 31" and then crash if a serial port name was too long. Happened most often with bluetooth port names.




Fix - More VT100 / VT220 video attribute fixes. Some video attributes were being reset to normal text incorrectly. Now bold cancels inverse.

FIX - Control E was not working in Wyse mode.




Fix - VT100 / VT220 Inverse video could possibly stay on too long instead of being canceled by other video attributes.

Fix - VT100 / VT220 cursor positioning was incorrect if ESC [; commands were sent from the host with no column or row values. Now, a value of 1 is assumed if no values are provided by the host.




Feature - Added "Black Transparent Set" to Window Colors. This is a black background with transparency to let you see behind the MacWise window. The text is white. You can easily change the window colors by selecting "Colors..." from the Window Menu. There is a gray set, blue set, green set and now a black transparent set. You can also change the colors and transparency level if you want to customize beyond the standard sets.

To change the transparency, select "Transparency..." from the Window Menu.




Fix - When settings were locked by the Administrator, any Edit menu item selected was showing the warning message but was allowing the user to make changes anyway.The only thing under the Edit menu that should be locked is the break signal and it was not being locked.




Fix - VT100 / VT220 Ansi Colors. Some color codes were not working and extra characters were appearing on the screen such as ;2H




Fix - Some Ansi background colors would not show up on the screen until you manually refreshed the screen by clicking on the grow box.

Fix - Graphic drawing characters in 16-point IBM font set were not lining up horizontally because the dash character (-) was one pixel too low.

Fix - The MacWiseFont Installer was installing the font in the classic folder instead of the user font folder. (The MacWise Installer was installing the font correctly)



Fix - When the host sent multiple print jobs to MacWise, you would get a -50 or -30879 printing error.



Fix - Switching to 24 point font and large window could cause an array bounds error if you were in 156 column screen mode.



Fix - Dragging the mouse to capture text on the screen would get an array bounds error if you dragged the mouse beyond the top of the MacWise window.

Fix - Secure Shell settings could be changed by the user when the system administrator intended them to be locked.

Fix - Would crash in Viewpoint or Wyse mode if certain Accuterm escape sequences were sent to MacWise. File transfer escape sequences are now supported.



Fix - If you closed the connection to the host, you could not open it again (when you selected Close Connection from the Connection Menu or Option - O from the keyboard). This problem was introduced in 10.7.63



Fix - MacWise Registration window would not open and you could not register the program. (problem was only in version 10.7.62. )


Feature - Added option to keep TCP sessions alive for telnet and ssh.
Look under the Special Menu for this option. It allows you to enter a time interval to tell the host that you are still there. This keeps hosts from disconnecting you after a pre-determined idle time. See the RSS news article for more information.


Fix - MacWise font now works correctly in Tiger ( OS X 10.4 ).
The symptom in previous versions of MacWise was that columns did not line up correctly. The other symptom was that the flashing cursor did not completely erase the cursor line when it flashed on and off.



Feature - Added SCO ANSI emulation. All emulations now work with SCO ANSI.
(Wyse, Viewpoint, VT100, VT220, Televideo). SCO ANSI colors, cursor positioning and a 25-line screen are supported.


Feature / Fix - Added a telnet option, "Use the tc shell to log in".
When this option is enabled, MacWise first logs into the Mac unix tc shell before issuing telnet commands. This option provides more compatibility with host computers that request the terminal type.


Fix - VT100 / VT220 emulation problem. Screen could get scrambled by an incorrect ESC [ ascii code sent from the host. MacWise now absorbs the invalid code.
Also, ANSI Colors was not being enabled by the host automatically when that option was enabled in MacWise preferences.

Fix - Rare Array Bounds Error message.


Feature - Added a new Preference option to enable Alternate Keypad mode for VT100 and VT220 emulation. This forces the keypad into alternate mode even if the host does not enable it. It converts the top row of keys into PF keys. ( Clear , = , / , * becomes PF1, PF2, PF3, PF4

Feature - Added a new Preference option to disable mouse clicks in the MacWise window. Otherwise, when you click the mouse on text, it will send text to the host or send the cursor position to the host. This option does not affect the ability to click on fkey buttons.


Fix - SSH secure shell options would not work unless you put a space at the end of the option field. (Additional Login Options in the Secure Shell Connection... window)


Fix - Print Scrollback Buffer was not working if the PrinterTemp file file was empty.


Fix - You could get a Port Error message if “Receive Faxes on this Computer” was checked.
Only seems to happen on a Mac with a Dash modem. Changed the message to tell user to uncheck “Receive Faxes on this Computer” in the Print & Fax System Preference.


Fix - MacWise installer was installing MacWise into the user Applications folder. Changed back to installing in Applications folder at the root level. This apparently happened when some version of OS X was released.

Fix - Array Bounds Error at line 13556

Fix - 24-Point window size was not being remembered when you upgraded MacWise if you had the option to remember window positions turned on.


Fix - Hang Up would not work with internal modem on fast G5 Macs.

Fix - Printing jobs under host control with form feeds should now work correctly with all paper sizes.

Cosmetic - Moved Break menu item down one and added a divider above it.


Fix - Page Setup settings are now remembered when you quit and run MacWise.
(printing routines completely re-written for OS X carbon).

Feature - Added the option to Print the ScrollBack Buffer.

Fix - When printing multiple pages, the print dialog box would always say that there were 9999 pages. Now displays the correct number of pages.

Fix - MacWisePrinterFont was printing small spaces between some graphic drawing characters.

Fix - Left and top margins of printed pages too small and causing text to be clipped on some printers.


Fix - Left Arrow was not working if Backspace = Delete option was enabled in Wyse mode.

Fix - Would get Array Bounds error if you re-sized the window in a 24-point font window in 132 col mode with 9-point font selected.

Fix - If anything under the Dialer Menu was selected with the emulate window closed, you would get a Window error. It could also corrupt the MacWise settings files. Now opens the window if it is not open.


Fix - Could not open the modem port on newer Macs using Motorola modem drivers.
(Specifically, internal Jump modems with Motorola driver sm56k version 1.1.1)

Feature - Added progress windows while opening a serial connection to show when MacWise is getting the port status and opening the port.


Fix - If the Carnation Software Prefs folder did not exist, MacWise would not create a new one. Instead, it would store the settings files in it’s own MacWise folder.


Fix - Array bounds error when switching between 80 and 156 column mode in the 24-point large window.


Fix - If a connection is already open and you open another connection within the same window, the old connection will be closed first. This prevents an operator from inadvertently opening multiple connections to a telnet host.


Fix - Cursor positioning for Viewpoint and Prism emulators was not working if the host was sending Char 11 and Char 16 codes to position the cursor.


Fix - You can now capture text lines wider than 255 characters. This applies to text captures for the clipboard, a file or the printer. Screen Textwrap must be un-checked for this to work.
Previous versions would get an error, "Length > 255 while adding strings".


Fix - Scrolling large amounts of data to the screen is much faster now when 24 point font is used.

Fix - When scrollback buffer fills, screen updates much faster now.


Fix - When scrolling back to previous pages, duplicate rows of data could appear if the scrollback buffer was full.

Fix - Don't clear the screen when different font sizes are selected.


Fix - Could not use 24 point font if window resolution was exactly 1280 wide.

Fix - Clicking on a URL to launch a web page was not working.
Now if a URL or email is displayed on the MacWise screen, you can click to launch your browser or email program.


Feature - New 24 point font and large window option. If you have a monitor with at least 1280 width resolution, you can use the new large font.


Fix / Feature- New MacWise TrueType printing fonts added.
MacWise now uses TrueType printing fonts, enabling you to print graphic line drawing characters and international characters. Previous versions required you to use the graphic printing mode, "print screen as graphic" to print these special characters (was essentially a screen shot). Now with TrueType fonts, you get razor sharp printing when using the "print screen as text" option in Printer Setup using MacWiseFont.


Fix - All pages printed after the first page could possibly change the font size to a different size than the first page.


Fix - Mac To Host data transfer now much faster when "Display Text During Transfer" is enabled.


Fix - Could get "> 255 adding strings" error when doing a Host-To-Mac Transfer with Convert to Spreadsheet turned on.

Fix - MacToHostTransfer AppleScript would not work with blank file name. It should prompt the user for a file name and use that file.Was prompting the user but not using the file.


Fix - When printing scrolling text with no page breaks, only the first page would print.

Fix - Host-To-Mac transfer window would not open if using serial connection.


Fix - Could not print more than 88 pages in Wyse Transparent printing mode.


Feature / Fix- Telnet options can now be entered into the Telnet Connection window.
You can now specify a telnet escape character to avoid conflicts with Option V.

Fix - Multiple Cursor up/down commands from the host will now scroll the screen when necessary.


Fix - Some Macs could get "MacWiseFont not found" message even though the font was installed.

Fix - Modem Init Strings. If an init string ended with a number, the modem init would fail. For example if your init string forces the connection at 9600 baud using this string...
The above string now works as it should.
Also, modem init errors are now reported to the user during dialing.


Fix - VT100 / VT220 keypad top row now functions as PF1 thru PF4 when in alternate keypad mode.


Fix - Graphic characters would turn on but would not turn off when foreign NRC text characters were selected by the host computer.


Feature - Foreign country keyboards now work with 7-bit NRC character set.

Fix - MacWise could crash when displaying the two-day expiration notice attempting to launch the IE browser.


Fix - More Panther fixes. Color menus were missing some color selections.


Fix - Edit Fkeys pop-up menu was missing some fkeys when used with Panther (Mac OS X 10.3).


Fix - Some menu items were missing when used with Panther (Mac OS X 10.3).


Feature - SPEED! Up to 20 times faster. Optimized for OS X.

Feature - FTP File Transfers Menu item added under the File Menu.

Fix - When upgrading to a new version, the window would return to standard smaller size. Now stays large if the user had it set that way.

Note: There is a fee for this upgrade.


Fix - VT100 / VT200 video highlighting. Some characters were not returning back to normal video after being inverse video. This is now a user option "Carriage Return does not reset normal text"

Fix - When you hid the function keys, they would not stay hidden until you quit and restarted MacWise.



Fix - "Clear Screen to Background Color" option was not being remembered when you quit.



Feature / Fix - Add preference option to allow host to enable Ansi colors. You can now prevent the host from turning on Ansi colors if you want to select your own colors in MacWise.



Fix - Alternate keypad keys 4,5,6,7 for VT100 / VT220

Fix - VT100 / VT220 left arrow would stop at second column.



Fix - System Builder Menus would crash MacWise when you got 6 levels deep.

Fix - Closing the modem port with Option C could hang MacWise.

Fix - If two windows were open using two different serial ports, switching between windows would not show which port was being used in the Settings Menu.



Fix - VT100 / VT220 Emulation - scattered m's and h's on screen when connected to some hosts.
Alternate Keypad keys were sending an extra null character. Up-arrow scrolling problems.



Fix - When you selected "Register MacWise..." from the Special Menu, nothing would happen.
(broke with version 10.5)



Feature - AppleScript support added.
Over thirty AppleScript commands available to use.
For instance, you can use AppleScript to send commands to the host and then get data from specific locations on the MacWise screen.
Create a new capture file and save data to disk.
Send data to the clipboard.
Transfer data from the MacWise screen to another application.
And more.

Fix/Feature - Faster with unix connections. Eliminate the pause after each 1024 characters read.



Fix - Close Connection problem. If modem port was in use and Serial/Modem was the connection method, MacWise would hang on some Macs when trying to close the connection.



Fix - Registration problems. If MacWise expired, it could load the online registration form and erase the order form you were working on while trying to get the program number.
Also, if anything was changed in the Network Preferences, the registration could break.



Feature - Menu shortcuts added to the Capture and Connection menus.

Fix - System Builder Mouse now works.



Wyse emulation fix - Escape A sequences were causing problems resulting in unpredictable screen characteristics.



Fix - Standard Break for serial ports was not working. Command B now works as break.

Fix - Now more compatible with Apple UI Element Scripting.



Feature - Added SBMac Color and graphic drawing boxes.

Fix - If window was closed and then opened with a serial port open, it would ask you to select a serial port again.
Also, would not remember the serial port used if window was closed when you quit MacWise.

Fix - Telnet connection to some hosts may have no characters echoed when you type until you hit return.



Feature - Added menu item "Function Key Sets..." to the Emulate Menu to open the FKeys folder in a Finder window.
Just double click on a fkey set to load the set into MacWise.



Feature / Fix - Clearing the screen with Command K or Command E now resets top and bottom margins.



Feature / Fix - Ansi colors will now automatically be enabled if ansi color codes are received from the host.
Previous versions required that you manually turn on Ansi Colors.



Fix - Connection Scripts more reliable. Now work with Mac unix shell also.

Fix - Shifted function keys now work with iBook using fn - shift key.



Fix - 7-bit word length selection was not working.

Fix - "Disconnect Modem Upon Quit" was not working with external modems.



Feature - Added 115200 baud for serial connections.

Fix - Top and bottom margins now supported in VT100 and VT220

Fix - If Ansi colors were enabled, multiple cursor stepping would not work.



Fix - When using the 16-Point Font and large window, upgrading to a newer version of MacWise would cause MacWise to unexpectedly quit when you tried to run it.

Fix - Another VT220 Fix.



Feature - Transparent Windows. You can now adjust the transparency of MacWise windows to see through them.
(look under the Window menu for this option).

Fix - VT220 emulation fixes problems with 132 column cursor addressing.



Feature / Fix - 16-Point font window is now larger and font has been re-designed for easier reading.
Fix - Control P was sending # to the host instead of Control P.



Feature - Added option for verbose login for telnet and secure shell
Fix - Fkeys now work when struck quickly.



Fix - If modem port was open when you quit, you could get a system kernel panic crash
Fix - Paste was causing a screen refresh flicker



Fix - Wyse hidden attributes in Video Attribute Options was not being remembered when you quit unless it was the standard Wyse setting.
Caused by version 10.2.5



Feature - Supports more ANSI colors in Wyse mode.

Feature - Added light yellow window color option.

Feature - Added Color menu item to the Window Menu.

Feature / Fix - Preference option to warn user when window will close and connection is open.

Fix - If user selected the same color for text and background, MacWise would crash.



Fix - String larger than 255 error when ASCII display mode was selected.

Fix / Feature - Mac unix shell connection now sets number of scrolling rows according to window height.

Fix / Feature - Hidden attributes now changes automatically when you change the emulation type.



Fix - If ANSI colors selected, opening a settings file could cause "unexpectedly quit".



Fix - Various problems with settings files when using Multiple Session Windows.



Feature - Added preference option to send column and row position to host when mouse is clicked.



Feature - Added DEC Multinational Graphics option.

Feature - Added option to lock settings files for corporate users.

Feature - Added text data transfer (Host-To-Mac and Mac-To-Host) ported from MacToPic program.

Feature - Added Special Host Commands ported from MacToPic program.

Fix - When entering a new QuickDial number, it might dial the old number the first time.



Feature - Added VT220 emulation

Fix - Don't allow dialing unless Serial / Modem Connection selected.



Fix - Enabling Connection Scripts could cause the terminal type to be ignored by the host and prevent the login script from working if the host asks for a terminal type.

Fix - Settings were not saved with Command S if second window was opened from a settings file.



Fix - Some hosts would not recognize MacWise as a VT100 terminal.

Fix - If using a telnet connection and the connection was not open, doing a command K to clear the screen would cause MacWise to crash.

Fix - Selecting ASCII display with no connection open could cause MacWise to crash.

Fix - If selecting Serial / Modem from the Connection menu and no serial port was previously selected, the Serial / Modem menu selection would not change.



Feature - Record to Clipboard. (Capture everything that comes to the screen and send it to the clipboard.)

Fix - Copying data to the clipboard too many times was causing an out of memory error (FBCtnrCopy error)

Fix - Changing the connection method in a window and then closing the window would not remove the window item from the Window Menu.



Feature - Multiple Session Windows. Now supports up to 10 windows.
Each window can connect to a different host or the same host.

Feature - Settings Files. Each window can have it's own settings and can be saved to disk for recall at a later time.

Feature - Connection Scripts. You can automate your login procedure with scripts. This lets you automatically log in with your user name and password without typing it. It also works for hosts that require answerback to authenticate login.

Fix - Printing the screen as a graphic in Jaguar would just print a blank page.

Fix - Can now lasso a section of the screen to the clipboard from right to left (previously only worked from left to right).



Fix - Secure shell connections were not setting the unix environment to the TERM type. Symptom was that some hosts did not know what kind of terminal you were and emulation did not work properly. This also affected the emulation for Mac Unix Shell logins.

Fix - Baud rates are now dimmed if unix, telnet or secure shell are selected.



Fix - Characters could be misplaced on the screen and extra characters could appear intermittently.

Fix/Feature - Registration window now allows you to paste your registration number instead of typing it.



Feature - Now supports SSH Secure Shell logins.

Feature - Preferences are now selected from the MacWise Menu and are contained in a dialog box instead of under the Edit Menu in a sub menu (Standard Mac OS X method).

Fix - Clicking on a URL or email address was not launching the appropriate app.

Fix - MacWise could crash if you did not have a serial port selected and tried to login to unix.

Fix - Open Connection upon Startup was not working for all types of connection methods.

Fix - Modem port was getting unchecked when you switched to unix. Now stays checked so you can switch between the two more easily.



Fix - Telnet sessions might not close connection completely due to timing problem.

Fix - Print Screen in graphic mode would not work in Jaguar.



Fix - Slave printing was causing "International not found" message



1. Now supports telnet and direct connection to the Mac unix shell.



1. This was the first version for OS X and PowerPC.
The previous version was 4.4.2 for classic Macs. (There were no versions 5 thru 9)

2. Supports internal modem and serial ports. Telnet and ssh coming very soon.


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NOTE: MacWise version 1.0 was originally released January 1, 1996 as a slimmed down version of MacToPic. Over the years, it became a full featured app.
(MacToPic was released in 1989).

Here is the complete History of MacWise