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MacWise - Macintosh Terminal Emulation - telnet / serial for OS X - Wyse, Viewpoint, VT100, VT220

MacWise Version 19 History

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Faster speed for screens that use many cursor positioning commands.



Removed all unused items from the Printer Setup window



Graphic characters for Viewpoint emulation



Added Universal Serial Driver Break as an option when you edit the break signal.

This new break option is compatible with more USB to Serial adaptors.



Prevent hangs when the host tries to position the cursor beyond the number of rows available.



Opening a settings file after doing 'Reset settings to defaults' could cause a crash.



Prevent hangs when the host tries to clear items outside of the screen area.

Removed extension name from window title when settings files are opened.



Page ranges not showing up in print panel.

Double clicking on a settings file to launch MacWise was opening a transparent window.

Automatic login password not working with some hosts when using SSH

Function key sets were not loading when you double clicked on a fkey file.

Pasting text more reliable for large clipboard contents.



Printing pagination with various printer font sizes.



Problems when printing or copying text when multiple windows were open in MacWise.
Problem was introduced in version 19.2.10 (Oops).



Due to popular demand, the MacWise font has been re-designed as a sans serif font
(similar to the older 32-bit MacWise font)

You have the option of using the serif font if you wish ( Use Serif Font under the Sizes Menu).



Could not Open settings... that was saved with the new MWss extension.

Open Fkeys... was hanging if you scrolled in a Finder window to find a file.



Compatible with the latest version of Catalina

Prevent crash in Catalina when saving a settings or fkey file.

Settings, fkey and phone icons not working in Catalina

Prevent possible hang when host uses protect fields.

Background colors when using Ansi colors.



Added Fkey extension to all function keys in the Fkeys folder to make the icons look correct and allow double-clicking in the Finder to open fkey sets.

In Telnet Connection..., FlushOutout Character = Control F was turning on Verbose logging.



Opening a new SSH connection would cause MacWise to quit if you did not have a user name in the SSH connection settings.

Eliminate verbose text when logging into telnet with 'Use SLNet options'



Wyse and Viewpoint protected fields could get erased when a clear to bottom command was received from the host.



This version is now codesigned and notarized by Apple for compatibility with Catalina.


If you did a Command Shift 4 to copy the screen to a file, it would reverse the Command key in MacWise for copying text from the screen using the Rectangular Marquee.

Host commands that launch a web page were crashing.

launching a file with a host command was not working in Viewpoint and Wyse mode.

Wyse commands from the host to scroll up and down were not working.



Feature - Dragging the mouse to copy to the clipboard now uses a Rectangular Marquee, which allows you to copy only the text you want from the screen.
This is the default method now.
If you like the standard Mac OS copying method, you can uncheck "Rectangular Marquee" under the Capture Menu.

Also, regardless of the copying method you choose, you can temporarily reverse it by holding down the Command Key when you drag the mouse.

And the Capture sound has been changed to a more pleasant and quieter sound.
If you had this option turned off, you might want to turn it back on.
Select Screen Capture Sound from the Capture Menu.

Note that you can also do a Command C to copy the screen.


Crash when opening new window with Unix shell connection.

Repair corrupted Fkey Settings file that could cause MacWise settings to be corrupted.

Intermittent partial blank screens.

Command C to copy the screen was missing the first row.

Reset all settings to defaults now removes the Fkey Defaults file also.

Insert character for Wyse and Viewpoint mode was shifting the screen margin to the right.



Feature - 132 column mode switching under host control now supports taller windows with 44 rows.


"Caps Lock On" menu item was staying checked when you unchecked it.

Selecting 921600 baud was turning on ASCII display mode and should not.



Intermittent partial blank screens with some Macs.
(timing issue)

Font could become too large on some older Macs.



VT100 / VT220 Control key combinations for Home, End, Page Up and Page Down

Old fonts located in the user's fonts library are now deleted to avoid strange graphics characters when printing.

Faster screen updating for older Macs.

Changing font set from Mac Set to IBM set was displaying strange graphic characters until you cleared the screen a few times.

Changing the terminal type when logged into the unix shell could cause a hang.



Speed Improvements + Fixes:

VT100 / VT220 graphic characters.

Printer was using screen font instead of printer font.

Control P was being ignored.

Control Shift 6 was not working.

Textwrap problems.

Dimmed color changed to normal when screen was refreshed.

Changing window sizes was clearing the screen.

Clicking on a blank space was sending a J

Dialog boxes for Colors, International Characters and Preferences were clearing the screen.

Clicking on a url with www was not working unless preceeded by http://

Clicking on a word to the left of a url was processing the url instead of the word.




Printing with older Macs could cause MacWise to freeze.
Now using print panel that is compatible with older and newer Macs.

Ignore Printer-Off commands in Printer setup was causing a MacWise crash.

Paste Delay between characters was being ignored.
Now uses the value you enter in Paste Delay... under the Edit Menu.

Class errors when printing.

Feature - Added blue spinning beachball when you are printing a long print job.
(lets you know it is still processing a print job)



Feature - 50-Page scroll back is now adjustable from 4 to 50 pages.
Lower the number of pages for faster screen speeds.
You can also turn off scroll back.
Select "Page Back Options - Scrolling" from the Edit Menu.

Scrolling is now off when you switch away from MacWise to prevent accidental scrolling.


Inverse video for SCO ANSI is now the correct color chosen by the host.

Wyse / Viewpoint protected fields.

VT100 / VT220



Compatible with MacOS Catalina beta

Numerous problems that were not discovered in the MacWise beta



Color sets now have a default transparency value.


Possible hang with Open Connection upon Startup and a serial connection.



Printing with Darkmode was printing a black background. Now will always be a white background with black text regardless of the mode.

Feature - Added an option to Previous Page Options...
Do not save screen to previous pages when screen clears.

This speeds up screen refreshes and eliminates screen flicker with some commands from the host.




Wyse and Viewpoint Protected Fields

Attributes, underline, bold etc sometimes saying on longer than they should.



VT100 / VT220 scrolling vertical margins



You can now minimize windows.



Settings files not being imported correctly from older versions of MacWise.
Was causing problems with Arrow keys and SCO Ansi settings.



Displaying pictures with host commands now works with Mapped Network Drives.
You can store pictures on a Mac or PC on the network to make the pictures available to any Mac running MacWise.

Pictures can also be stored on an internet server and displayed using http addresses.



64-Bit version.

Compatible with Catalina and backwards compatible to Sierra

In development for over a year, this 64-bit version of MacWise is working towards compatibility with future releases of Mac operating systems. (The 32-bit version will no longer work with the next MacOS major release of Catalina expected this fall.)

Advantages of this new version:

64-bit application will no longer have warning messages that the app is not optimized for OS X and needs to be updated.

Text is easier to read because a TrueType font is now used as a screen font.
(The 32-bit version used a bitmapped screen font that has been increasingly difficult to support with each release of MacOS)

Dark Mode is supported in Mojave.

Fkeys work with the Touch Bar on MacBooks.

All dialog boxes have been re-designed and now have a pleasing sheetwindow effect.


Not implemented yet in this version:




NOTE: MacWise version 1.0 was originally released January 1, 1996 as a slimmed down version of MacToPic. Over the years, it became a full featured app.
(MacToPic was released in 1989).

Here is the complete History of MacWise