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MacWise Version 16 History

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Fix - Secure Shell Password



Feature - Added an option to enter a password for Secure Shell Connections (SSH).
( Connection Menu / Secure Shell Connection...)
You can use this to enter your user name and password for automatic logins when using Secure Shell connections. This is used instead of Connection Scripts and is more secure.



• Prevent window size corruption in MacWise Settings when MacWise is running and the Mac is shutdown or restarted. The settings corruption was causing the MacWise window size to be much larger than the screen width and could cause a crash with High Sierra.

• Also, if two or more MacWise windows were open and the Mac was shutdown or restarted, MacWise would hang trying to close windows.

• Test the location of MacWise to ensure that it is in the Applications folder.
(Avoids a "Kermit not installed" message.

• Correctly save settings for each window when multiple windows are open and MacWise quits.



Kermit file transfers with Secure Shell connection.



Fix Array Bounds Error at line 105 for serial connections with High Sierra.



Fixed the following:

• Break now works with Kermit to break out of a running host program (Command B)

• Cancel from Editing an Open Connection Script was unchecking Enable Scripts.

• Selecting Ctrl S (Stop) from the Special Menu would hang MacWise if Xon/Xoff flow control was not on.

• If a file was already open, Host-To-Mac Transfer would crash MacWise trying to write over it.

• Host-To-Mac progress bar was disappearing off of the bottom of the window during long file transfers.

• Large Host-To-Mac Transfers may have stopped before the transfer was done.

• Fonts too small on Host-To-Mac progress screen




Latest version of High Sierra 10.13.2 requires FN key be held down to see the function keys on MacBooks with Touch Bar. No fix for this one.
Notify user when "Activate Touch Bar on Startup" is selected from the Connection Menu.

More info here...

This version also adds VT100 and VT220 Function key sets for use with Kermit.
Some hosts absorb the first escape. These fkey sets add an extra escape for function keys.



Updated Kermit to latest version 9.0.304


Fix - Upgrading to High Sierra with earlier versions of MacWise could possibly cause incorrect window sizes and a crash that corrupted the MacWise settings file.
This version detects incorrect window sizes and sets them back to default sizes.


Added two Kermit options under the Connection Menu:

Echo Kermit Characters - On by default. Turn this off if you get double characters when typing. (The official kermit name for this is "set telopt echo refuse").

Use SLnet Options for Kermit - On by default. Some hosts will not allow a Kermit connection unless this option is on.
(this option can also be found in MacWise preferences)


Feature - Kermit is automatically installed when MacWise is run.
(The user no longer needs to run a Kermit installer for High Sierra compatibility)

The option for Kermit Installer is still available under the Help Menu to allow you to remove older versions of Kermit and install the current version.


Automatically delete old MacWise fonts instead of asking user when old fonts exist.


Fix - Hangs when Connection Scripts are enabled and Auto Exit MacWise is enabled


Auto Exit MacWise now works with Kermit telnet connections



Feature - Added a preference option to quit MacWise when the host closes a telnet or SSH connection...

Preference - Auto Exit MacWise When Telnet or Secure Shell Connection Closes

MacWise will quit when the last connection is closed by the host.
If only one window is open, MacWise will quit.
If more than one window is open, the current window will close and MacWise will not quit.

This preference option is off by default.



Feature - Allow baud rates above 230400 for serial connections.
Added 921600 baud

Fix - Installer had missing backgound with arrows. ( Broken in 16.0.7 )


Fix - Verbose login for Kermit.
When unchecked in the Telnet Connection window, it now disables Verbose Login as it should.



Kermit Installer is now built into MacWise. (Previous version opened a browser to get the installer.)
Select Kermit Installer from the Help Menu to open the installer.



Compatible with Mac OS High Sierra.
Apple no longer includes Telnet with High Sierra. You must use Kermit with MacWise to get a telnet connection. A Kermit installer is now included with MacWise.
Run MacWise and select Kermit Installer from the Help Menu .
Then, under the Connection Menu in MacWise, select Telnet and select Kermit.



Added support for mid 2017 MacBook Pro Touch Bar function keys.
Some MacBook Pro models have a Touch Bar instead of real function keys.
By default, the function keys will not appear in the Touch Bar.
To activate them, select "Activate Touch Bar on Startup" from the Connection Menu.
Then follow the instructions.

Note: "Activate Touch Bar on Startup" menu item will only be available on MacBooks with a Touch Bar.



Now responds to ESC / from the host in Wyse and Viewpoint emulation to send the cursor position to the host.

Also, ESC b from the host now responds with leading zeros and no carriage return as it should.



Fix - Textwrap was wrapping text to the next line at 132 columns instead of 80
(Problem introduced in version 16.0)



Fix - 36-Point Font and Larger window size was not being remembered when you quit if "Remember window positions and size" was selected in MacWise Preferences.



New 36-Point Font and larger window.
(A Mac with a minimum screen size of 1900 X 1080 pixels is required for 36-Point font window)

New Additional Font sizes of 16 and 18 point for 132 Column mode.


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NOTE: MacWise version 1.0 was originally released January 1, 1996 as a slimmed down version of MacToPic. Over the years, it became a full featured app.
(MacToPic was released in 1989).

Here is the complete History of MacWise