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I use Macwise on my macbook pro and imac. It works wounderfully on both and in the rare instance where I have had a problem Rich responds very quickly and helps remedy any situation. Thank you for your help and patience!

Danielle - New Jersey


My name is Brent and I recently downloaded MacWise and I wanted to let you know that I think your product is very impressive!
So, I tried to leave a testimonial on your testimonial page but I could not find a way to submit it...

Anyway, I was hoping you would publish my testimonial for me.
Thanks, and let me know where I need to send it. MacWise is fantastic!
Very Satisfied,


You are a lifesaver. Our power didn’t come back on until after 4:30 so I tried it this morning and it worked perfectly.  Once I had access to the file, I saved it as a .xls file and it was great. You really pulled me through this and I appreciate your help.  I was at a total loss.
Marilyn - Temple, Texas

Thanks Rich. I really appreciate your timeliness on replies. Just wanted to let you know because I am not sure how many people take the time to tell you that you're the best. I recommend you when ever I can.
Carl - Burton,Michigan

Hi, Rich,

Thanks for the speedy response and for making- what appears to be so far- a great solution for us. Previously, they had used a WinXP machine running some telnet emulator to connect to a Linux box that runs the software they need to use. Your software allowed me to cut the WinXP machine out of the equation entirely! I'll certainly recommend it. Tim - Anchorage, AK


The 18-Point font size is perfect. I appreciate you making the updates that seem to be for our company. There are a lot of companies that should learn from your customer service.
Have a great day and Thanks again. David - San Antonio, Texas


I have to tell you that without your program I don't know how else I would configure these Cisco switches and routers. Your program plus the USB Keyspan serial adapter, I am in hog heaven showing everyone a mac can do everything a PC can and then some... without the blue screens of death. Loving It. Thanks again, Dennis - Grand Blanc, Michigan

Hi Rich,

First a quick thank you for making MacWise. It rocks and the whole office runs it. Without it- we'd be stuck using awful wired in terminals or some windows thing. Instead we run the whole office on your stuff - it ROCKS

Sean - Arlington, Virginia

It works beautifully. Thank you!

I must tell you that I seldom see your level of cooperation in the industry and I greatly appreciate your willingness to deal with my problems. You have handled all of my issues promptly and I am a convert.

Thank you for your patience. I look forward to future enhancements to MacWise.

Thanks for the help.

Bradford - Industry, California

Once I installed this on my iMac, I was able to get rid of my Wyse terminal. Not only do I have more desk space, but being able to use this on my Mac is a godsend. Rich is so responsive to any problems that he clearly stands out in a world where service is no longer a priority for most companies. I have seen other "terminal emulators", but Rich has clearly refined his product over the years to make it the best. My partner has an emulator on his Dell that provides a very small window with no color options. Having a large window with all kinds of customizations is a real plus when you have to use the product for hours on end.

Richard - Lacrosse, Wisconsin

This has worked like a champ. Connections to my WYSE 50 server at the office have been stable and allowed me to work from home whenever I need to. And the couple of times I've had questions for Rich, I've heard back in minutes.

Mr. Otis


I have a MacBook Pro 17”. Didn’t spring for the high resolution screen but all-in-all it’s a pretty nice machine. Thanks for the quick response, I use MacWise every day and would highly recommend it to others!


David - Portland, OR

Hi Rich,

What made me decide to purchase MacWise?... mainly.. was your support to me when I hadn't paid a dime yet.
That's impressive in my opinion.

Jan - Venray, Netherlands

Sure maybe I could go and buy a terminal for 50.00 but then I wouldn't get such terrific support as rich offers. e-mails get answered in 2 minutes. problems get fixed just as fast. Checkout how many updates this guy has fixed.


Hi Rich,

You may not remember me, I use your EXCELLENT program (MacWise) to Telnet my Mac’s into my Linux Server... I am a florist in Philly and use a POS system for my flower shop designed by FTD. Your program and a script I wrote allow me to access the system with NO problem – 100% functionality.


Herbert B. Rothe, III
Philadelphia PA

I really appreciate your help and responsiveness.

MacWise is my only tool for software access to my mainframe, and it's getting better and easier to use. ( I'm sooo glad to be back on a mac after too many years of PC-ing it.)
Wishing you success in your sales. ( you can use me as a reference.)
I'll give you any other tidbits that I see.

Van - Phoenix, Arizona

I wouldn't have bothered you except MacWise has been extremely useful to me at work. I've used it to access company data and as a programming station for software maintenance of airborne LCD monitors. It has worked like a hose. A fine product and your support has been great--Thanks!!!

Malcolm - Mesquite, Texas

We love the software. We have been looking for a user friendly solution and
it works great. Just ordered another license.
Graeme G - Dallas, Texas

I am a returning customer .I love the Mac to Pic product, and your service

John M - Marlton, New Jersey

Thanks for creating such an awesome program.

Juan - Oregon, Illinois


Roberta K - Carson City, Nevada

I found your program through a lot of research. I was looking for an emulator that would give me serial capability for my powerbook. I needed to console into routers and switches.

Greg N. - Auburn, Georga

I found MacWise through a Google Search for terminal emulation for macintosh.
Great Software!! The best yet for macintosh

Tom M. - Omaha, Nebraska

I have been using Powerterm from Ericom for about three years and after five minutes with your demo, I was sold. Your Wyse 50 emulation is one of the best I have seen on mac OR pc. Thanks.

Jeremy W. - Roanoke, Virginia

Excellent terminal emulator, best I have ever used on the Mac

Craig M. - Tarzana, California

It works! The company behind the system that runs our dealership was worse than skeptical. When I was working away in five minutes I think they were a little depressed.

Kenneth S. - Lilburn, Georgia

Your speedy response time is as amazing as your application!!

Kudos on a great product!

Joe T. - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Mr. Love:

Thank you for the 32 Fkey tip, that is a heck of a lot better than 20 Fkeys.
I found that I am able to just squeeze that screen onto my 15 inch G4 laptop.
(I'll probably connect a second large LCD monitor to the laptop and use that
to display the terminal screen in the future.)

As I am now beginning to play with your program, I discovered that I am able
to keep your program's Fkey file list open, in list format, in a separate
window, and while the program is running, simply double click on a different Fkey
file. Further, and much more elegant, I found that I can place an FKey file in
any other folder, or even on the desktop, and switch to that file immediately
with a double click. Very nice...

With quickly switchable groups of thirty-two mouse click functions available
for selection at any time, I believe it should be practical to create logical
groupings of the large number of functions for my various pieces of equipment,
and access them all quickly with only a few mouse clicks. Your MacWise just
might become the all purpose can opener for a wide range of interfaceable
electronic toys for this Mac user.

If you are at all interested, I would be pleased to keep you informed of my

Best regards,
Mike Z - Yonkers, New York



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I am so pleased you have done this !!!!!!! SUPER !!!!

I recall asking you if one could do this as it was a solidly useful idea, and I was almost finding other ways to do it myself,..,.very pleased I did not yet do it, as I think your solution is ace !!


Charles W

PS Presently in Athens......

This program is the perfect solution for my cluttered dock! – Sharon S. – Crystal, MN

It seems an indispensable app--don't wish to be without it.  Please keep working on the upgrades. – Jack M. – Oakland CA

Dude. Driftwood, Texas? Isn't that where the Salt Lick is? Oh man, just thinking about the brisket and the peach cobbler is making me wish I wasn't stuck in Connecticut. – Christopher P. – Stamford CN

I loaded it a few days ago and can't live without it. It was the utility I was after. Cheers. – Martin J. – Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA

Love it! (No pun intended, Rich) – J. Paulette W. – Los Angeles CA

I really like this concept, it saves many steps and makes it easy to "ring up" frequently needed files.  Thanks for the idea. – Erick B. – Boulder, CO

Seems like a v good idea – Lain S, Bray – Berkshire, UK

Nice Job! – Lynn J. – New Haven, CT

It’s simple and easy to customize.  Great app! – Larry K. – Portland OR

WORKS GREAT – Stuart S. – Phoenix AZ

Very good utility - I use it all the time. – Werner J. – Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

I couldn't be happier with the software. – Jeffrey R. – Billerica MA

I find your and past all day working with the Yellow Button and still good, at list until now! – Murilo S. – Odivelas, Famoes, PORTUGAL

Great utility!  I had been wishing for something just like it! – Gregory P. – Chicago IL

Very Good Program, Thanks – Sydney C. – Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, UK

Cool! – Johnnie T. – Omaha NE

Very useful, a real time saver and doesn't clutter up the desktop – Timothy F. – Seattle, WA


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