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Comprehensive history of our terminal emulation software

With customers across the U.S. as well as worldwide, we were an early proponent of Internet use for sales and service, offering our customers convenient options to order products as well as receive prompt, personal service. Over 40,000 people enjoy using Carnation Software's fine products.

The first terminal emulation product from Carnation Software( MacToPic ) was written by Rich Love and was released in 1989. Our first customer was Bank of America in Seattle. MacToPic was a play on words. It specialized in Macintosh to Pick file transfer and was a Microdata Prism emulator. As the years passed by, more emulations were added to the software and the name was changed to MacToPic Plus. In 1996, MacWise was released as a less expensive alternative to MacToPic Plus. Eventually, MacWise became more powerful and MacToPic Plus was phased out.

Over the past 24 years, it has been a constant challenge to keep up with the changing Apple operating systems. Version 10 was almost a complete re-write for the release of Mac OS X.
Another huge challenge was the switch to Intel Processors and the universal app requirements for running on PowerPC and Intel Processors.

1/31/18 Today, MacWise is compatible with Mac OS High Sierra and is backwards compatible to Tiger.
MacWise is now an Apple Developer signed app, which means that it is a trusted download from our web site..

Rich Love, President

Carnation Software's founder and President, Richard Love, graduated from the University of Alaska in 1973, with a degree in Electronics. His career has included positions as senior programmer, technical writer, and electronics service engineer with Stanford Research Institute, CX Corporation, Microdata, and McDonnell Douglas Corporation.
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Technology background

Rich is the author of the company's programs and is highly regarded for his technical expertise. In addition, he is an exceptionally talented photographer. To see for yourself, just visit

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