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Say it & Mail it
Version History

Say it & Mail it. Don't Type it! Just 'Say it & Mail it'. Record & email voice memos with photos and GPS location

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Complies with privacy requirements when taking a New Photo or Movie.

Symtom was that the app would quit when you tried to take a new photo or movie.

Caused by Apple's new requirements for camera privacy.



Auto Email

Removed "Failed to Logout" message .
The message should be Incorrect 'From Email' address

You will get this error if you use an incorrect email address as the From Email in the Auto Email Settings.

The From Email must be in the same domain as your Login email.
(for instance, if you are using iCloud mail with the server, you must use a From Email that is in the iCloud domain such as, or somebody at

Note that the From Email needs to be a valid email for your smtp server account.



Fix possible intermittent crash when trying to send Auto Email when there is no internet connection.



Fix - Auto Email body text was empty and instead was a text atachment when received by Outlook Mail in Windows.



Compatible with iOS 10 and backwards compatible to iOS 9.1



Feature - With Auto Email, you can Say it and then Mail it.
(No need to tap the Send button)

This is an in-App Purchase option.



Fix - If there were any contacts within a group that did not have an email address, the whole group was not used and you would get a popup message saying “No Email Addresses found in group”




Fix - Map Display Error, "Staticmap API v1 has been depreciated"

Google stopped supporting version 1 of the Google Static Map in January 2016

Fixed with Say it & Mail it version 7.2 which now supports the V2 API



Works with iLauncher and other apps that use URL's to launch apps.

The URL is SayitMailit://



New iOS7 interface.

Fix - Name and Email intermittently get cleared.

Fix - Rare instance of blank 4k audio recording file.



Changed startup screen to make it easier to tell when the app has fully launched.



Fixed a bug where if you tap on the group icon while recording and it warns you that you must stop recording first, after you hit OK the bottom toolbar was not coming back so you could not stop recording.
Now I just stop recording and let you mail from the group window.




1. Toolbar at bottom of the screen was not hiding when other windows were open.

2. When proximity recording was off and you held the phone to your ear while recording, if your ear touched the screen, it would stop recording.

3. If no Groups were found in the groups window, the app would crash when you tapped Done.




Fix - Buttons at the bottom of the screen and also the info icon would not work on iPhone 5 screen.
(Problem introduced in version 5.0.8)


Getting ready for iOS 7

App Icon was shifted down with iOS 7

The map icon was shifted to the left and had L. to the right of the icon.


Feature - Added a preference option, "Always Email to a Group". (tapping on the microphone can now email your voice memo to a group).

Fix - Groups were not updating from the cloud when they changed unless you force quit the app or rebooted the iPhone. Now groups are updated when the groups window opens each time.



Fix -Could not email to groups with iOS 6 due to privacy settings for Contacts. (Say it Mail it was not showing up in the Settings app in Privacy/Contacts)

This was only happening in new devices that had never had Say it Mail it installed. Devices that had upgraded from an earlier iOS when Say it Mail it was installed were working with groups.


Counter timer for recording time was shifting behind the maps icon when wireless hotspot was active.



Accessability for the blind was speaking two times when the Reset button was tapped. Only should speak once.



New app icon and main screen graphics



Fix - Incorrect map position when using version 4.2.2



Added warning if movie attached is greater than 17000 bytes



Compatible with iOS 5
(Previous versions of Say it & Mail it may not get the correct map location with iOS 5)



Fix- App would quit if there was no account set up in the Mail app.



Fix - Tap on microphone and beep sound would sometimes be at the beginning of the recording and occasionally cause a hang. Same symptom when using proximity recording or shake to record.



Don't use previous audio, photo or movie if device has been shut down and restarted (multitasking devices).



Feature - Supports Accessibility Voiceover for those who are sight impaired or blind. When Voiceover is enabled, buttons are spoken with hints when you tap on them.



Fix - Sleep problems with iOS 4.1
If the app was running when you put the iPhone to sleep, then awoke from sleep, attempting to record would cause the app to quit.



Compatible with iOS 4.1

Fix - Make it less likely that you will accidently activate proximity sensor recording.

Also, now a preference option to turn off Proximity Recording.



Added 10 minute timer to do a reset after email sent.
That way if you leave the app running and shut down at night, it will clear the audio, photo and video when it does a reset.

If it does ask you if you want to delete the audio during startup and you say Delete, it now deletes the photo and movie also.

Added TIP for tapping on the microphone to start and stop recording.
You will only see this tip if they upgrade from an earlier version.
First time run does not display the tip



New feature - Hold the phone to your ear to start recording automatically. Move the phone away, recording stops and the email window automatically opens. Tap Send.

New feature - Tap on the microphone to start recording. Tap again to stop recording and open the email window.

Fix - previous version 4.0.2 would not run with iPhone OS 3.
This version is iOS 4 compatible and backwards compatible to iOS 3.1.2

Fix - If you shut down your iPhone while this app was multitasking, the next time you launched it you might get a message that you had an audio file that had not been emailed. That was a false message.




Feature - Now supports multitasking on iOS 4 with 3Gs or iPhone 4.
Faster launch times when multitasking.

Fix - Recording level meter was only half width on an iPhone 4

Fix - Added a warning when movies you take are larger than 5 megs. You need to get the movie from the camera roll and then it will be compressed smaller for emailing.

Fix - Was hanging when you took a new movie or selected a movie from the camera roll and then tried to record audio with iOS 4.

5. Audio recording, picture and map screenshot are now cleared when you re-enter the app with multitasking if Email has been sent in the previous session.



Fix - iOS 4 compatible and backwards compatible to OS 3.2.1

Version 4.0


Compatible with iOS 4

Added a 10 minute recording warning message.

Added Bcc switch to group email.

Added a Reset button which clears the recording, picture and GPS map screenshot.

Note: Shortly after this version was released, an incompatibility was discovered with GPS Map locations and iPhone OS 3 causing the app to crash when the map switch is on.

Version 4.0.1 was submitted on June 19 to make it backwards compatible with iPhone OS 3 and compatible with iOS 4.

Version 3.2


Compiled for faster optimized armv6 and armv7 processors.

Version 3.1


Fix - Preference Option to 'Include "file attached" info for audio, photo and map' was always disabled but the switch was always on. Now correctly remembers the switch position.


Version 3.0


New Preference option lets you start recording automatically when the app launches.

Added option to Reset Preferences back to default.

Tap the Info (i) button and then tap the Preferences button to set your preferences.


Version 2.2


Preference options. Tap the Info (i) button and then tap the Preferences button to set your preferences.

Fix - Hide the 'New Photo or Movie' button if no camera is detected.


Version 2.1


• Map accuracy information is now included in the email when using the map location.


Version 2.0


Shake it & Mail it.
You can shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to start and stop recording.

This reduces the number of taps required to email a voice memo to one tap.
(Shake to record your memo and then tap "Send").


Fix - If you looked at your map location and then drove to a different location without quitting out of the app, the map screenshot at the new location would be from the old location but the Google map link would always be correct. With this new version, if you drive to a new location without opening the map window to confirm the location, the map screenshot will not be included (only the Google Map link).
Sound Complicated? To simplify, a map screenshot will only be included in the email if you open the map window and wait for the current map location to be displayed. But a Google Map link will always be included as long as the map location switch is on.


Version 1.9


1. Changed the date display to a more pleasing font style.

2. Removed intermittent false message that would tell you there was a recorded audio from your last session when taking a picture.

3. Added alert to warn you if you are recording audio and then tap the camera icon. Must stop recording first.

Version 1.8


1. You can optionally include a map link in your email if the location is not accurate. Previous versions would not allow that unless the accuracy was within 350 meters. This allows you to show your general location if an exact location is not possible.

2. The date is displayed on the main screen.

Version 1.7


1. You can now take a new movie with iPhone 3Gs or any future device that supports a video camera.

2. Added elapsed time counter for audio playback.

Version 1.6


1. You can now tap the 'Say it' button to start your recording and then tap 'Mail it'.
(Previous versions required you stop the voice recording before emailing it).
In other words, it was 'Say it' , 'Stop it' , 'Mail it'.
Now you can just 'Say it' and 'Mail it'

2. Added recording elapsed time counter so you can watch your recording time as you record.


Version 1.5


1. You can now select a movie from your album.


1. Prior versions would intermittently quit when snapping a picture.

2. Map image included in email will be cropped correctly and there will be no white space to the right of the image.


Version 1.4


1. Email to MMS (Multimedia Message)

You can send an email to someone at their MMS address. If you send an email to someone with an iPhone 3G or 3Gs, it will be received as an instant message that opens in the Message app. Audio, picture and map location are all supported in MMS. To send an instant message, address your email to
(where xxxxxxxxxx is the phone number of the iPhone you are sending the email to)

2. Email to Groups

You can optionally email to a group of people or favorite person.
'Say it & Mail it' will use the groups you already have set up in your contacts.

Record your voice message, tap the Group icon then select a group and tap 'Mail it'

To make a favorite person show up in the list, you simply make a group with one person in it.

3. Map location switch is now automatically turned on when you tap the map icon.

4. You can now send a picture, map or text without a voice memo. Previous versions disabled the 'Mail it' button and would not send an email unless a voice memo was recorded. That is now an option.

5. Changed the way the subject and body messages are formed depending on the contents of the email (voice memo, photo or map)


1. Fixed low memory warnings when recording and taking pictures.

2. If you snapped a photo and then tapped 'Mail it' before the photo was finished saving to the camera roll, the photo would be saved in the roll but not emailed. (You could actually see that there was no photo in the email but may have not noticed that it was missing.) This new version will not let you email until the photo is finished saving.



Version 1.3


1. Added picture quality adjustment. You can now change the quality to Good, Better or Best.
This changes the JPEG compression for the picture file that is emailed.

2. Added picture size adjustment. You can now change the maximum picture size that is emailed.

3. Vertical and horizontal orientation will be correct (previous versions rotated a vertical picture to horizontal in the email).

4. Pictures taken with the camera are now saved in the 'Camera Roll'.

5. Added + and - zoom buttons to the Google Map display in the location window.

6. Fixed a problem where the option to remove the "Just Say it & Mail it" text from the body of the email was not remembered when you quit. Also, removed the SayitMailit link from the email.

7. If you get a phone call while recording and accept the call, the audio recording will be saved and you will have the option to email it after the phone call.

8. A snapshot of the map is now included with the Google Map link.
Note: for your privacy, map location services will not be used until the location switch on.



Version 1.2


Has the following features and fixes.

1. You can choose between Road Map or Satellite view when looking at the map location to confirm where you are. (Older versions have Road Map view only).
Note: for your privacy, map location services will not be used until the location switch on.

2. The map view updates every two seconds in version 1.2 so it has a chance to re-draw the map before drawing another one.
(Older versions can update the map as often as 3 times per second, which is not necessary).

3. Changed minimum map accuracy to 350 meters instead of 200 meters.
This allows the iPod Touch to work in more locations.

4. iPod Touch was displaying the last location found if it could not find a current location.
The old location is no longer considered valid and is not used in version 1.2.

5. iPod Touch location will clear after two minutes if it is not able to obtain a location.

6. IPod Touch will always do a test for an internet connection when you turn on the location switch.
It will not allow you to turn on the switch if no connection.

7. If you quit out of the app after taking a picture, the picture is not saved. This is normally OK because you emailed the picture. However, if you get distracted and forget to email the picture and then quit, you would need to take the picture again. Version 1.2 fixes this by noticing that you took a picture and then quit without emailing. Then the next time you run the app, you have a choice to use the old photo or delete it. This also solves the problem of incoming phone calls which cause the app to quit when you accept a call.

8. If you received a phone call while recording and declined it, The 'Mail it' button was disabled. With this new version, after you decline a call, you can tap the 'Play it' button to listen to your partial recording and then 'Mail it'. (Or tap the 'Say it' button to re-record the message).

9. Added a Done button to the keyboard in the info window.



Version 1.1 has the following features and fixes:
(Free upgrade)




• Include a full resolution picture in your email (take a photo or select from album).
Note: for your privacy, map location services will not be used until the location switch on.

• Include your location in the email. The location will be a link taking you to an active Google Map where you have all the standard controls for zoom, satellite view, directions etc. If you send email to an iPhone, tapping on the link in the email will launch the map application to show the location on the map. If someone receives the email on a Mac or PC, the link will open the browser and take them to the Google map page.

• Displays the file size of the recording.

• Displays the file size of the photo.

• Displays long date and time info below "Audio File Attached" in body of email.

• Displays startup screen with "loading... text" message

• Displays welcome screen with instructions to push "Info" button for first time users.

• Displays more information to the Info window.

• Produces a clicking sound when you tap "Stop it".

• Deletes the audio and photo files when you quit the app.


• Lowered the 'Play' volume to avoid playback distortion when you have the volume at max.

• Added underscore to the file name as "Voice_Recording.wav" for better compatibility.

• Time was displaying "13:xx PM" in the Subject instead of "01:xx PM".
Also, "12:xx PM" was shown as "AM".

Watch the Video Demo


Initial Release

The quick and easy way to send voice memos from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Note for version 1.1 or later

Turning on map location services.

For your privacy, map location services will not be used until the location switch on.

Tap the map icon in the main window to open the map location window. Then slide the switch on.
The switch will remain on as long as 'Say it & Mail it' is running. When you quit, the switch is turned off the next time you run the app.

NOTE: Starting with version 1.4, the switch turns on automatically when you tap the map icon. You can turn it back off if you wish.

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