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Say it & Mail it
For iPhone & iPod Touch
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Andrew Tropeano with NewsWatch


Sam Carpenter Video Review - July 2013

Video Review Here

1. If you have something you want to say to someone and it will take a 20 minute email, you can do it with SI/MI in 2 minutes…with the added benefit of tonal inflection…attitude…empathy… (no anger though. Never chew anyone out in voice mail or email…do it one-on-one to give the recipient a chance to respond)
2. If you’re hanging out, in front of the TV, riding your bike, climbing your mountain… or otherwise don’t have time to email, send your message in your own voice with Say It Mail It, INSTANTLY
3. If you are heavily into Point of Sale the way I am, you want to take care of things NOW. This is an awesome tool for just that: think of something you need or want from someone, and ask for it right NOW
4. For complex or sensitive subjects, the human voice is an awesome tool
5. You can send a voice mail message to groups of people. For example, on your way home from work, between stoplights, you can give your entire team a pat on the back…
6. It’s set up so the default message recipient is YOU, so it’s super-fast to leave yourself reminders. I do it all day long…capturing great but fleeting thoughts…
7. You can send photos or videos and have the option of sending a your map location
8. It’s part of the formula for banishing meetings forever…
9. Better than a one-on-one conversation if you want the recipient to really LISTEN. The recipient is your captured audience
10. The support is awesome. Thanks Rich!
No kidding, Say It/Mail It is one of my favorite tools of all time. Download it today…


West Loh Video Review - May 2011

Say it & Mail it App Review: The single fastest way to email a voice memo to anyone about anything.

Don't type it! Just Say it & Mail it. The fastest way to email a voice memo to yourself or to someone else and optionally include a photo, movie and map location.

What You Will Learn in This Video:

- Lateral ways to use Say it Mail it while you're out and about

- Tips on how to supercharge the use of the app to increase productivity and gain more time

- How to quickly and easily navigate through the app

YouTube Video Review Here


Sam Levin and Steve Sande discuss favorite iPhone apps
(QuickTime Movie - 26 megs)

Steve Sande from TUAW asks Sam Levin from AppMinute about his favorite iPhone apps. This is a clip from that discussion where Sam talks about 'Say it & Mail it Recorder' ( as one of his favorite apps. Sam uses Say it & Mail it to record audio to be emailed to his producer for the AppMinute Mobile App News Podcast (

You can see the entire TUAW video here
TUAW is the Unofficial Apple Web Log

Say it & Mail it Recorder is an app from Carnation Software ( for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Written by Rich Love


Records and emails voice messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch to yourself or to others. Good video demo and reviews.

Yappler Editor's Handpicked Apps of the Week


I would recommend Say It & Mail It to anyone looking for this type of functionality. It does what is says it will and does it easily and quickly. It sells for $2.99 and is available through the App Store right now.


Sam Levin uses Say it & Mail it to help produce his podcast. Sam says, "I really like it. It works, it does exactly what it says it does and I like it".

Subscribe to Sam's Cool Picks Podcast .


'Say it & Mail it' has been rated in the top 100 business apps on the iTunes store for several weeks now.
It was as high as number #4 when it received good press and is staying around #50 now.
(Pretty good, since there are over 2000 apps in the Business category.)

Here's a Realtor that loves Say it & Mail it.
This is his blog. Scroll down past the painting story to see his comments and screenshots.

Ken Brand's blog

  Version 1.1 Review by TUAW (The unofficial Apple Web Log)


Version 1.3 Review by Just Another iPhone Blog

  Version 1.0 Review by


4/9/20 from Tim *****

I just wanted to tell you that your say it mail it app is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I use lots of different productivity tools and communication tools as a nonprofit executive director, and this is one of the most effective tools that I have. Thank you so much for making this available .

Exactly what I was looking for! *****
by tinyapps - Version - 7.0.4 - Dec 10, 2014
Can be set to start recording as soon as it is launched, when the iPhone is shaken, or when the phone is brought to your ear. Unlike a similar app I purchased, this one uses your existing account in the Mail app, not some third-party SMTP server. Saves me heaps of time!

Has Been Very Useful for Years *****
by mbritt1114 - Version - 5.4 - Jul 22, 2014
This is one of those apps I use several times a week. I make a quick audio note and then email it to myself. Works every time. Highly recommended.

I like it! ****
by Educ8r - Version - 5.0.1 - Nov 6, 2012
Please update for iPhone 5? resolution!
Great app / great support from developer *****
by bandrews22 - Version - 4.2.3 - Mar 18, 2012
Excellent app - it could not be easier to send yourself a voice reminder. Great for ideas come to you when out walking or in the car. I had a question for the developer and he was very quick to reply

Simple, yet Functional *****
by iPhonecator - Version - 4.0.9 - May 13, 2011
There is truth in advertisement.

Great for keeping in touch with a group *****
by GerryWeiss - Version - 4.0.8 - Feb 14, 2011
The ability to effortlessly and quickly send a voice, video, picture or email to a whole group of people at once is amazing and makes this app worth every penny. I use it weekly to send voice or video messages to all my group members. At first, the mail app rejected all addresses from the group, even though I knew they were all correct and valid. Then I discovered that my list of nearly 200 names was above some arbitrary secret limit. I divided the group in half, and now I send 2 identical messages, each to a subgroup, with no problem. The reaction has been very favorable and i would highly recommend this app to anyone with an iPhone who wants a quick, easy, almost foolproof way of sending messages to any one, or group of ones simultaneously (use BCC), NOT SEQUENTIALLY, from anywhere there is a cellular or data connection. One request: keep voice memo or video in a queue for easier repeated sending of same message file to individuals or groups, even at separate times after quitting or suspending of app.

Good *****
by rafapr_8 - Version - 4.0.7 - Dec 5, 2010
This is the Best app for Mail!!!

Finally -- a great combination of features *****
by Imago2 - Version - 4.0.7 - Nov 7, 2010
I'm a power user of recorder apps on the iPhone. The combination of features on this app makes it, by far, the best recording app for me. The ability to trigger by proximity sensor (hold thumb or ear on speaker hole on front of the iPhone) and record a note, then to lift your finger and have a pre-addressed email ready to go...just press the Send button and you are done. When you get back to your desktop, all your text reminders are waiting in your email. I record lots of notes while riding my bike, and this super-simple interface, plus the automatic emailing makes this Say it & Mail it perfect for me -- all the other recorder apps are considerably harder to use...the GPS/Map and photo features are huge plusses... For anybody who needs to take voice notes when on the move, one-one handed, and send all notes automatically to your email queue -- Say it & Mail it is the only one you should consider....

Great app! *****
by Lazy0137 - Version - 4.0.4 - Sep 7, 2010
This is a Great app!

Great app! *****
by Vky - Version - 4.0.4 - Sep 6, 2010
I found it free today, so I gave it a try. It works well. The recorded file is in wav format so anybody can play it on computer. The sound quality is good as well. I recommend it.

Consistently my favorite app to share with friends.... *****
by themizark - Version - 3.0 - Feb 23, 2010
love it. super useful, use it all the time, and the one app that I share with my friends whenever "app talk" starts happening...

Top Notch *****
by rjspa73 - Version - 1.4 - Oct 13, 2009
Wow, I can't believe how useful and easy to use this APP is. I am an old geeezer trying to simplify my life and this certainly helps!!

GREAT APP! *****
by Docjdocj - Version - 1.3 - Sep 28, 2009
No problems sending email for me. I love this app. So many ways to use it but I love being able to park my car at the mall and easily find it later. I turn on the map locater and then take a picture of my car in the parking spot and leave a voice memo describing where my car is. Then send the email to myself. Then when I need to find my car, I just look at the email I sent to myself on my iPhone and click on the Google Map link for GPS directions to my car. Very cool being able to do all this with one app.

by Jack, IPhone Glued To Ear - Version - 1.2 - Sep 17, 2009
I just bought this program hoping it would work as it says, and it does!!!!!! What a time saver it is to be able to send a reminder to yourself or a message to a friend or coworker without having to type it out. Just hit record, then stop and then send. Could not be quicker or easier. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Great great greater *****
by wayne2626 - Version - 1.1 - Aug 28, 2009
Very well done easy to use pictures and location sent with voice mail.

Excellent app ****
by oregonpete - Version - 1.1 - Aug 18, 2009
This works just as advertised for emailing short audio clips. It's the best I've found so far for my purpose- quick emails back home while traveling. Unlike QuickVoice, you are not limited to 30 second messages. If you choose a practical target of 2MB or smaller file size, this gives you about 2 minutes and 15 seconds of recording time. The ability to include a Google location map and photos are also nice features for travelers.

Perfect! *****
by Proappr - Version - 1.1 - Aug 16, 2009
The update is here, ability to send a photo - works great!. Gets a 5 star rating now.

Superb *****
by cooper19 - Version - 1.0 - Aug 10, 2009
What a great app! I take a photo with my iphone, attach it to email along with my comments and send it to my clients. It is a more personal touch to attach your voice along with an email. My clients love it. Thanks

Works great *****
by Johndwus - Version - 1.0 - Aug 8, 2009
Sent first email to iPhone works quickly and well!

Fantastic!! *****
by Neecy110 - Version - 1.0 - Jul 28, 2009
I constantly have to write reminder notes to myself for my job. This app is outstanding; it does exactly as it states and is a snap to use. No longer do I need to type out long notes to myself; now I just say it and send it off to my email. Simplifies my life. Highly recommended!

Fast and Easy ****
by ssflem - Version - 1.0 - Jul 26, 2009
What a great little app. This is very handy for sending yourself or someone else those little reminders that you don’t want to forget. No more sticky notes! Very easy to use. 

Sweet and simple ****
by Homeovet - Version - 1.0 - Jul 24, 2009
This is a very simple to use and handy app. Just thought of something you don't want to forget? Open the app, tap "record" and talk. Hit "stop", then "send", and it's off, automatically going to your inbox. Voila, you've got an email with your bright idea! To send to someone else takes about 2 more taps, done. The quality of the recording is great, and the dev promises the ability to add pics soon! Love it.


    By Rich Love

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Say it & Mail it records and emails voice messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch to yourself or to others.

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