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Serial Adapters and Modems

If you want to connect to your host with a serial connection, you will need a serial adapter.


Keyspan and generic adapters information:

NOTE: Keyspan is now owned by Tripplite.
Here are the drivers:

Keyspan / Tripplite drivers here

Note: If you are using a non-Keyspan usb to serial device, you can most-likely get it working by using a generic pl2303 driver here...



    Keyspan "High Speed" USB Serial Adapter
Uses a PC standard 9-Pin serial connector.

Keyspan Twin Serial.
A little more expensive but you get two serial ports.
Uses standard Mac modem cable connectors which means you need a Mac modem cable also.

The Keyspan Adapter plugs into your Mac's USB port.
The other end of the whole assembly plugs into a RS232 cable going to your host computer.
Note: the "whole assembly" drawing shows an older style single-port adaptor.


Prolific USB Serial Adaptor.
The least expensive solution.



Connect Wirelessly to your serial device

(Works with MacWise on your Mac and also works with the Get Console app for iPhone and iPad)

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Also, works with ethernet so you can access your serial device from anywhere on your existing network.

Note: For Airconsole support, visit the Get Console website here