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MacWise and OS X Toolbox Error

You may get an error message when you run MacWise that says, "The following toolbox items are not available on this computer."
This is caused by a problem with the StdCLib file located at

If the file is in the correct location and you are getting this error, it probably has the wrong file type assigned to it. Download the file and unzip it (if you are using Safari, it will unzip automatically).

Double Click to run StdCLib fix

PS: Just in case you wanted to know, the file type should be "shlb" and the creator should be "MACS"

NOTE: MacWise does not install or modify the STDClib file. It is included with OS X.
"StdCLib fix" places a repaired copy of the StdCLib file into your user library folder at
MacWise will use that file instead of the original file.



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