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Say it & Mail it

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For iPhone and iPod Touch

November 22nd, 2009 has chosen 'Say it & Mail it' as one of this week's Handpicked Apps
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The quickest way to email a voice memo from your iPhone or iPod Touch to yourself or to others.

"Say it & Mail it" has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind. It remembers your name and an email address, which makes it very fast and easy to send yourself an email memo.

1. Tap "Say it" to start recording.
2. Tap "Mail it" to show the email window.
3. Tap "Send"
That's it.


Uses the groups you already have set up in your Contacts

Take a photo or movie or select from the album.
Pictures are full resolution compressed jpg format
and the picture size can be adjusted.

When someone receives your email with an iPhone,
they will be able to click on the link to launch the
Google map application, see your location and get directions.
When someone receives your email with a Mac or PC,
they will be able to click on the link to launch their browser to see your location
and get directions.

So, what else can you do with 'Say it & Mail it'? Lots of things!

• Recommend a good restaurant, including location map and photo

• Email a reminder to yourself, a friend or preset groups

• Document when, why and where you took a great photo

• Update your blog via email

• Track a real estate tour with info about each home (agent or buyer)

• Send a customer the location and details of a house for sale

• Record scientific notes with map location and photo of findings

• Add content to your podcast

• Communicate with elderly relatives who have difficulty typing

• Send product information or newsflashes to clients

• Email great vacation photos, footage, maps and commentary

• Let people know where you are when you need help

• Email your messages in any language (no QWERTY keyboard limits)

• Document where you park your car so you can easily find it again

• And a whole lot more!


Emailed voice memos are compatible with Mac, PC and any other computer O/S (uses compressed wave format).

No file maintenance on your iPhone/iPod Touch, since audio files are not stored there.

NO ADVERTISING in your emails.
Just a 'Say it Mail it' signature, which you can optionally remove in the 'Info' setup.

Send yourself reminders when you are away from your computer. No typing required. Your email address and subject are autofilled.

If you are using an iPhone, your message is sent off immediately, thanks to cell towers. iPod Touch devices store the email and send as soon as they are able to make a Wi-Fi connection.

Great way to send anyone a detailed email without using the keyboard.

Send an MMS Instant Message

So many uses, we can't imagine them all. You will think of many more

NOTES: iPod Touch requires headphones with microphone and a Wi-Fi connection.
The iPhone has a microphone built-in.
Camera may only be available on iPhone.
Not all devices can take movies.



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