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April, 2012
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Hope you like the new format of the newsletter. Our intention is to make it easier to read and provide important links. It should now be easier to subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter also.


MacWise and Other Software Products
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Carnation Software has been providing Macintosh terminal emulation software for over 23 years. But did you know we also have other software for Mac and apps for iPhone and iPad? 'Say it & Mail it' is a quick way to email voice memos to yourself and others. See more info below and take a look at the Quick Links on the left.
MacWise Version Information

Since our last newsletter in Oct 2011, there have been several versions of MacWise released. Here are the highlights...


Fix - "Unable to open!RECORDERft.txt" error message during data transfers from host to the Mac.


Fix - VT100 / VT220 scrollback fix when top and bottom margins are set .


Fix - Clear screen for VT100 / VT220 when top and bottom margins are set was clearing the whole screen and should only clear the area within the margines.


Fix - Support ESC c to clear margins


Feature - Added 28800 baud to the list of baud rates you can use.


Feature - When you have "Do not wait for echo characters" enabled, Mac-To-Host transfers are much faster now. (Edit Menu / Mac-to-Host Transfer Options...)


Fix - Split screen scrolling using top and bottom margins for VT100 / VT220


Feature - Display pictures from the Web using host commands.
More Info...


Fix - Cursor may have been positioned incorrectly if the host sent null characters during absolute addressing escape sequences. (Does not pertain to VT100 or VT220 emulations) 




You can always get the latest version history for MacWise at




You can download the MacWise single-user version here:



The MacWise order form is here:


MacWise is $95.00 per user




There is no charge to upgrade from an earlier version 12 for single-user licenses.


MacWise upgrades from previous versions are $59 per user for a single user license.




If you have a site license of 10 or more MacWise users, you will need to contact us for a new MacWise installer

(site license versions need to be re-compiled for a specific number of users and site location).

Contact richlove@carnationsoftware.com for a site license upgrade quote.


If you have purchased a MacWise version 12 site license within the last 60 days your upgrade is free.

Otherwise, there is a $75.00 charge to re-compile your site license and distribute the new version to you.

Say it & Mail it for iPhone and iPad

  • The quickest way to email a voice memo from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to yourself or to others.
  • Send yourself reminders when you are away from your computer. No typing required. Your email address and subject are autofilled.
You can optionally include your map location and a photo.
Email to groups is supported.

'Say it & Mail it Recorder' is for iPhone and iPod Touch.
'Say it Mail it Pro Recorder' is for iPad and supports full screen.

Rich Love
Carnation Software