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Mac Mini and MacWise

February 25th, 2005
For years, people have complained that even the inexpensive Macs cost too much for some users. So when Steve Jobs unveiled the Mac mini, the likelihood of Windows users switching to the Mac became a lot greater. Whether you are a long time Mac user or a switcher, the Mac Mini is an affordable solution at $499 (bring your own monitor, keyboard and mouse).

MacWise users will find this a compelling reason to put that old Wyse or DEC terminal into storage and replace it with a Mac Mini running MacWise. The Mini has everything you need to connect to your host (built-in ethernet, a modem and the reliable OS X unix operating system). An airport card is optional. You can also connect to your host with a serial connection using a USB to Serial adaptor. With MacWise running, you can connect to your office system as a terminal using Wyse, Viewpoint, VT220 and other emulations.

For more information about the Mac Mini, read this MacWorld Article. and visit the Mac Mini Apple web site . Here's a good switcher article.

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