One Touch Scan

Opens Photoshop and scans your document automatically when you press the One-Touch button on your Epson Scanner.

$10.00 Shareware

Version 1

Download One Touch Scan (148K)

Last Update 2/10/01


What does it do?

When you push the One-Touch button on an Epson scanner, it will launch Photoshop and open the Epson twain and start the scan automatically.

What Do I Need?

Any Macintosh.
AppleScript 1.1 or later
Photoshop version 5 or later
(See special Instructions for Photoshop 6)

Epson scanner with a One-Touch button (Epson 636 for example)
* Does not work with Epson Control Panel Software


4 Ways to Register:

$10.00 US


1. Use your credit card and register online

2. Send registration info and check or credit card information to:

Rich Love

Carnation software

PO Box 318

Driftwood, TX 78619

3. Fax registration and credit card information to:

Carnation Software

Fax (512) 858-2737

4. Call Carnation Software:

Phone (512) 858-9234

One Touch Scan

by Rich Love

Version 1.0.4 released July 10, 1999
Version 2 released October 31, 2000

Copyright 1999 - 2000

Carnation Software

All Rights Reserved