Index & Shutdown


Index & Shutdown tells Sherlock to Index your hard drives and then shut down your Mac.

$10.00 Shareware

(for OS 8.5 to 9.2.2)
(Does NOT work under OS X as a classic app)

Download Index & Shutdown Version 2.0.3

Version History

Last Update 10/2/00


What Does It Do?

Index & Shutdown tells Sherlock to Index your hard drives and then shut down. You can run it at the end of each day when you are ready to shut down.

Your drive(s) need to be indexed periodically for Sherlock's "Find by Content" to work properly.
Before you can search the contents of a disk's files, you must create an index of the disk. If you have modified files on the disk since it was last indexed and you want to search the modified content, you need to update the index.
The only way to be sure that find by content will always work is to index your drives each day. You could set up a schedule in Sherlock to index the drives each day at a specified time but that slows down your system while you are trying to use it. Index & Shutdown avoids that problem by indexing your drives during shutdown.


Tells Sherlock to index the drives you have specified and when all indexing is done tells your Mac to shut down.

  • First quits all running applications and prompts you if documents need to be saved.
  • Puts away all non-local drives (servers).
  • Disconnects all users (with your permission) if file sharing is on .
  • Empties contents of Ram Disk and trash with your permission.
  • Optionally deletes the existing index file before indexing begins.

What You Need?

Any Macintosh.
1700K of free memory.
OS 8.5 or later
AppleScript 1.3 or later
Sherlock (included with OS 8.5)

30-day Trial

Index & Shutdown is $10.00 shareware. You can use this software for 30 days but after that you need to register.
If you continue to use the program after 30 days, it will index drives but will not shutdown.



4 Ways to Register:

$10.00 US


1. Use your credit card and register online

2. Send registration info and check or credit card information to:

Rich Love

Carnation software

Driftwood, TX 78619

3. Fax registration and credit card information to:

Carnation Software

Fax (512) 858-2737

4. Call Carnation Software:

Phone (512) 858-9234


Index & Shutdown

by Rich Love

Version 1.0 released January 6, 1999

Copyright 1999

Carnation Software

All Rights Reserved


Index & Shutdown is a trademark of Carnation Software