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Here is the version for iPhone



Record and email voice memos using your iPad.
Use it to email reminders to yourself or email messages to anyone.

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For iPad

  • Emailed voice memos are compatible with Mac, PC and any other computer O/S (uses compressed wave format).
  • No file maintenance on your iPad, since audio files are not stored there.
  • NO ADVERTISING in your emails.
    Just a 'Say it Mail it' signature, which you can optionally remove in the 'Info' setup.

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Don’t you wish you could find just one app from among the thousands out there, that works fast, is dead easy to use and actually does everything it claims to?

You just have.

‘Say it & Mail it’ is an extraordinary communication tool. With ‘Say it & Mail it’, you can record your voice message or memo, attach a Google Map link and photo. All the components of your message are sent together in one easy, complete email.

If you are using an iPad 3G, your message is sent off immediately, thanks to cell towers. Otherwise, the email or memo os stored and sent as soon as a Wi-Fi connection is made.

‘Say it & Mail it’ has a wonderful autofill feature to take care of filling in email or email group addresses and subject line for you. No typing, just tapping – once to record (Say it), one more time (Mail it) and then tap Send once you’ve selected the recipient.

You never have to clean up files with ‘Say it & Mail it’, either. The audio files are not stored on your device; you just send and forget about it. Didn’t we tell you that it was easy?

Email sent from ‘Say it & Mail it’ is compatible with all computer operating systems, so there’s never a concern about incompatibility. There are no ads in this app, either. It has a nice, clean interface and is exactly what it’s suppose to be – a quick, easy, versatile communication app.

So, what can you do with ‘Say it & Mail it’? Lots of things!
• Recommend a good restaurant, including location map • Email a reminder to yourself, a friend or preset groups
• Update your blog via email
• Send a customer the location and details of a house for sale
• Record scientific notes with map location of findings
• Add content to your podcast
• Communicate with elderly relatives who have difficulty typing
• Send product information or newsflashes to clients
• Email great vacation photos, footage, maps and commentary
• Let people know where you are when you need help
• Email your messages in any language (no QWERTY keyboard limits)
• And a whole lot more!

Keywords: Recorder, memos, reminder, email, mail, voice, note, to do, iPad,
Google Maps, Pictures, Photos, audio, video.


Driskill Hotel Photo Picture Austin TX Texas

Turning on map location services.

For your privacy, map location services will not be used until the location switch on.

Tap the map icon in the main window to open the map location window. Then slide the switch on.
The switch will remain on as long as 'Say it & Mail it' is running. When you quit, the switch is turned off the next time you run the app.

NOTE: The switch turns on automatically when you tap the map icon. You can turn it back off if you wish.

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    By Rich Love

iPhone/iPod Touch Applications

Say it & Mail it records and emails voice messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch to yourself or to others.

Code Sleuth searches for Mac errors with your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Finds Mac error codes and searches with Google for solutions

Mac Applications

MacWise, our terminal emulation program, was written specifically for Mac OS X. Carnation Software has been providing Macintosh terminal emulation since 1989. We specialize in terminal emulations for Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 370, ADDS Viewpoint, Esprit, Televideo 925, DEC VT100, VT220 and Prism - connecting Macs to host computers.

Icon Pallet launches programs and documents, and accesses folders with a single click. Stores over 600 programs, files and folders on one pallet on your Mac.

TM Error Logger is a Macintosh Time Machine error reporting program.


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Driskill Hotel Photo Picture Austin TX Texas