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Sample Signs Included

Minimum Requirement:


For iPad

Hi Sign lets you connect a website banner with the text of your choice, turning your iPad into a display sign that can be used for business or just for fun.

Video Demo

•Express your self, your product, your needs, your services – and do it in style with Hi Sign

•Sample signs and simple instructions for an easy start.

•Link a website banner on the top, and your text below – you can even email it!

•Font size is adjusted automaticaly


• Hi Mom, I'm at Debbie's house 
• Conference in Room B
• Today's Lesson, chapter 4
• Mr. Smith, Your Limo Awaits 
• Happy Birthday Dad!
• Waitress - Check Please
• Two Tickets, Front Row 
• HELP! Need a Ride 
• Lemonade 25 cents a glass 
• Need Taxi to Airport 
• Fresh Peaches, $2.50/carton
• Today's Special - Chef's Salad

More Examples Here

More than just a simple letter board, Hi Sign banners add a layer of creativity not found in other apps.

Extra features are available as in-app purchases, such as the Hi Sign Editor Module that lets you create an unlimited number of new signs, delete signs you no longer need, duplicate signs for easy updates, and clear text with the push of a button.

Banners are displayed from the web and then stored on your iPad, so they continue to work when you are offline. Although banner videos are screenshots when emailed, they continue to work great while displayed online.

Also availble is the Remote Sign Editor that lets you enter one URL address for the banner and another for the text. And it’s not a static picture – your remote banner will be automatically monitored for changes every 5 seconds. 

With clearly marked buttons, an elegant scrolling wheel to name and select your signs, automatic font sizing, and so much more, the best design is the app itself.

Use it just for fun or for serious business. 
Type a random keyword for the banner and see what website banner appears. Then match a phrase to the banner. A great way to brainstorm for product taglines – and you can email a screenshot off to your boss for discussion. 

But, be warned. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop creating new signs to display at work, school or home, while on the go or patiently waiting – Hi Sign will convey whatever message you like, highlighted by a picture or text or any color banner on the Internet.



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Hi Sign by Rich Love

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MacWise, our terminal emulation program, was written specifically for Mac OS X. Carnation Software has been providing Macintosh terminal emulation since 1989. We specialize in terminal emulations for Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 370, ADDS Viewpoint, Esprit, Televideo 925, DEC VT100, VT220 and Prism - connecting Macs to host computers.

Icon Pallet launches programs and documents, and accesses folders with a single click. Stores over 600 programs, files and folders on one pallet on your Mac.

TM Error Logger is a Macintosh Time Machine error reporting program.


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